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Tourism and Hospitality Management - Chudnovsky

В учебнике даются основополагающие понятия теории и практики организации гостиничного и туристского бизнеса. Рассматриваются вопросы организации управления...
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Tourism - Quarterly

Раскрываются основные понятия туризма, виды, средства, методы и формы туристской деятельности; анализируются различные аспекты туризма: мотивация туристских...
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Organization of international tourism - Senin

We consider the organization of tourism and hotel industry, the market of tourist services, government regulation of tourist activity, types of tourism...
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Nedvizhimost.Rieltor.Agent on Nedvizhimosti.SUPER

This book contains a lot of tips for beginners agentam.Kak work properly in the real estate agency, sostovlenie psychological portrait of your client, how to...
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How to win customers

A very useful book. The name speaks for itself. The authors are very respected and well-known in America, M. and N. Rafael.
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CRIB agent. The school works in advertising and commerce.

Required reading for all agents! Author - A.Derevitsky. "You want to be an agent - act. You do not want to act - stop this I want to! "
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How to create a website and make money on it.

The book describes the many ways how to make money on your website.
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Privatization wisely apartments and rooms of the Russian Federation

For nearly 15 years, people living in the state, municipal and even some in the departmental housing, it is possible to issue their apartments and rooms in...
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How to start a business on the installation of plastic slopes

This book is a practical guide which describes in detail the installation of plastic slopes TECHNOLOGY FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS, and includes detailed information...
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Phone codes of Moscow + BONUS

Phone codes of Moscow: 100 - local time 101 - MTS (from MTU-Inform) 102 - MTS (from MTU-Inform) 103 - MTS (from MTU-Inform) 104 - MTS (from MTU-Inform)...
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Quickly create a highly profitable niche products

Эта удивительная электронная книга откроет перед Вами ровно 18 (восемнадцать!) совершенно оригинальных и простых способов создания информационных продуктов...
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Collection of systematization of legislation. His work

Their own business - not an easy undertaking. Multiple registration and licensing procedures affect the business plans before the creation of the entity and is...
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TSZH (practical guide)

ВВЕДЕНИЕ ....4-5 1.Общее положение ...6-7 2.Порядок создания ТСЖ ..7-13 3.Органы управления ТСЖ 13-14 Общее собрание членов товарищества …..14-17 Правление...
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Real business ideas

250 ideas for starting a business in different areas
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Secrets of skill realtor

Автор рассказывает о типах клиентов, о том, какую тактику выбрать при работе с ними, об умениях и навыках, которые желательно развивать, если принято решение...
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How to open a small 3D cinema. Guide. Release 1.3

A guide for those who would like to open a small 3D cinema in the cafe, bar or club to make your institution is much more attractive to visitors and raise...
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The contract of renting an apartment

Dogovіr Orenda apartment near privatnoї individuals (in Ukrainian. Lang.) Number of pages: 7 Number of applications: 3 Cost: $ 0.5 The agreement was made...
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Profitable business from scratch: the slopes for windows and doors

This book is a practical guide which describes in detail the installation of plastic slopes TECHNOLOGY FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS, and includes detailed information...
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100 000 рублей с одного объекта загородной недвижимости

Интернет-семинар "100 000 рублей с одного объекта загородной недвижимости" продайте всего лишь один чужой объект (дом с земельным участком)...
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Guide to buying a property without the services of a realtor

This book was written by realtors. So here it is collected all the professional achievements and reveal all the secrets of buying any property. From the book...
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95 Rules for Real Estate Sellers

Если Вы задумали продать свою собственную, то эта книга будет для Вас незаменимым наставником в продаже! Есть множество нюансов и важных вещей, которые могут...
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Collection of the contract on real estate transactions.

Сборник договоров окажется незаменимым подспорьем при совершении любых сделок с недвижимостью. Шаблоны всех договоров, такие как: предварительный договор...
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