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Книга " В сторону от сознания"

Interesting book about our life, about our world, about us.
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Polina Dashkova - Blood of the unborn

Polina Dashkova - "The blood of the unborn"
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Polina Dashkova

Polina Dashkova "golden sand".
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Sergei Gurdzhiyants - Double Game

From the author. I'm not going to make excuses. Yes, my stories are invented from beginning to end, and do not look for analogies here with real life, I...

Sergei Gurdzhiyants - Triumvirate

From the author. I promised continued double game? Read! Our in Europe. This is not the Third World, is co-rivalry in issue, which itself features a leg...

Erle Stanley Gardner "Velvet claws."

Детектив Эрл Стенли ГАРДНЕР "Бархатные коготки."
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Igor Kolosov Thriller body 570 p.

Thriller. Format ExeBook! I never published. Continues "kingovskoe" direction, initiated by the author of the novel "Lilliput", published...
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Анонс Они стали одной семьей — Бригадой, и мир окончательно разделился на своих и чужих. Это для Белова и его друзей существуют свобода, равенство и братство...
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Jiang E. Lastbader

Eric Lastbadera adventure novel "Jiang"

Shan E. Lastbader

Eric Lastbadera adventure novel "Shan"

Andrew Zhitkov - Hacker pdf

Great book Andrei Zhitkova. Personally I recommend =)
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The collection of detective stories, Olga Bays

Жанр серии рассказов, которые мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию, мы определяем как классический детектив. В каждом рассказе есть загадка. Странные, порой нелепые...
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A.Belov Brigade Book 1

Especially for you put in a text format
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A.Belov Brigade Book 2

Especially for you put in a text format
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A.Belov "Brigade" Book 3

Especially for you put in a text format
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A.Belov Brigade Book 4

Especially for you put in a text format
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For the first time, the whole truth about Yukos and the authorities, in a comedic tale detective oilman

The book "Petroleum" is a modern fairy tale, detective, osnovannnaya entirely on real events around Yukos and its head! For the first time, you will...


The book is about the life in the zone, of its manners and customs. Different psychological keenness of observation and merciless social analysis. Designed for...
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Bram Stocker. // For Windows

"Дракула" - легендарная книга Брэма Стоккера. Стоккеру удалось на основе различных мифов создать свой новый, необычайно красивый мир, простирающийся...

Vitaly Lozovsky. How to survive and spend time with benefit

The author, recently passing 12 prisons in Russia and Ukraine, and invites you to look through the book in this forgotten, but absolutely real world. You will...
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Sergei Sakin - Bigga Than Ben

The book is about two young people who go to London, almost without a penny in his pocket. What happens if two young men of military age and indefinite...
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Eight of the ball pevaya

Detective work which had not previously familiar young people are faced with animal cruelty. Trouble unites them, and together they are investigating.
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