Keeper mechey_Stranstvie Magician - Volume 1

The difficult road, blood podlitaya enemies and friends, tears of despair and sorrow leads the Guardian Diamond and wooden swords, magician and necromancer...
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Keeper mechey_Stranstvie Magician - that - 2

The difficult road, blood podlitaya enemies and friends, tears of despair and sorrow leads the Guardian Diamond and wooden swords, magician and necromancer...
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A series of books The saga of the spear (Chronicle)

The archive contains the following products - Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Dragons of Winter Night - Dragons of Spring dawn
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Автор Юлия Андреева. Мир, в котором человеческая жизнь ничего не значит, и потому счет идет на сотни и тысячи. Где иногда не успеваешь родиться, как тебя уже...
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Tseych Ursula. Windtalkers .pdf

Windtalkers - a novel that opens the trilogy about Sheykanah book series SpellForce, written based on one of the most popular fantasy strategy in the history...
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Wrong troll

A new book from the bestselling author of "The Diary of Muscovite freezing." Adventure mountain troll. Family reading
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Мертвая ведьма пошла прогуляться

Закон Вампирского Кодекса гласит: «Тот не вампир, кто убьет вампира». Но разве современные «ночные охотники» помнят о законе Кодекса? В криминальном мире...
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Fairy tale balls-dulkomariki

Your attention is a very fascinating tale with a lot of characters. Part one! 137 pages in one go
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Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

"Dragons of Autumn Twilight" - this is the first book "Saga of the Spear." Mage Knight Strum and Raistlin Shining Sword, a dwarf, Flint and...
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Season Witchcraft (El. Kniga.ExeBook)

Gabriel Blackstone, hackers, endowed with secret gift - the ability to remote viewing, that is, the penetration of the mental space of others. Once he was in...
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Lara Fantasy. The Mystery of the Fire.

This story is about Zazerkalny worlds great team of brave lyudey.Smogut they clean Branches of Life from the world of evil? Will they mysterious fire of...
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Mad Grove

Actually, this book is already written, but none publishing is not experiencing the desire to publish it because spetsefficheskogo format: it is not a novel...
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Elizabeth Boyer sword and SUMA

Skiplingi has been a hundred years did not believe in trolls, but trolls Ramskella they curse for the year of crop failure. Local legends say that This troll...
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This is a story about the fate of two women - the old woman Eliza and her adopted daughter Leah, who live on the western islands Kelriona. Leah is blind, but...
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Academy of Magic

Left in Nimriane David Brand engaging in protection of the caravan, plying between the dark and light of the earth. Nearly dying in the wild wasteland, he...
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The Prince of Lies

This book tells the story of ancient times, when it came to a close the first civilization Kelriona. Solar Power gods seemed unshakable. Prince of Darkness had...
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Masters of Magic

The political prisoner David Brand accidentally falls into a different world, where a few years studying magic and martial arts. He wants to go back to save...
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Source Magic

Continuing adventures of David Brendoma. Arena action - world called Kilbren where David goes to help her deal with her beloved family problems. Intrigue...
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Practitioner of black magic

Он искал во Тьме знаний и власти. И он обрел искомое. Он хотел выйти за пределы человеческого естества — и перестал быть человеком. Он заключил сделку с...
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Gifts of Magic

On the new stage Dara David Brand has gained considerable strength and now has to learn to control it, while trying to survive in the internal war, more and...
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France, XII century. After a blow to the head and a knight crusader Andre de Mongel loses his memory. Desperate to restore it with the Catholic Church, he...
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