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Dmitry Veresov

Вересов Дмитрий - "Полет ворона" - вторая книга трилогии "Черный ворон".
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Dmitry Veres

Dmitry Veres "RAVEN CROW CREEK III" - the third part of the trilogy, "Black Crow".
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R.F.Delderfild. Adventures of Ben Gunn

The prehistory of the world-famous novel by RL Stevenson's "Treasure Island". The fate of Flint, Pugh, black dog, and of course John Silver...
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Summary of the novel

Summary of the novel LN Tolstoy's "War and Peace"
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RAsh. 53 card. for Windows

The story takes you to Amsterdam. Summer. Evening. 1948.
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Richard Bach-Biplane

The novel 1966 in the format Word, 49 pages. Description: To make sure that the time - not an arrow pointing to infinity, Richard Bach has taken an exciting...
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Уинстон Грум

Уинстон Грум "Форрест Гамп" Книга в формате chm в оригинале и на русском языке
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The book "Perfume"

The famous book on which the film was made "Perfume" !!

От Мурманска до Акабы или путешествие за шесть морей.

The actual journey by bike from the Barents Sea to the Red Sea in length by more than seven thousand kilometers. Accidents troubled regions, the hot Middle...
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An adventure, fantasy and a little scary story "game" describes the life of young people, nearly teenagers in advance of the impending disaster of...
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Alexander Prozorov, Alex Live-Legion. Hannibal Veli

Carthage army forced march moves to Rome, along the way destroying remnants of the defeated legions at Cannae. Fyodor Chaika, to rise to the commander...
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Alexander Prozorov, Alex Live-Legion. Rome must PA

Two newly demobilized Marines Fyodor Chaika and Lech Larin, sent to sea fishing in the Black Sea. Friends come in a massive storm that takes them away from the...
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Alexander Prozorov, Alex Live-Legion. Carthage attacks

Hannibal throws his troops to march on Rome. The Second Punic War began. Fyodor Chaika and Lech Larin win back his place in the sun in their new world. One...
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Мария Семенова-Волкодав. Знамение пути

Роман "Волкодав", впервые напечатанный в 1995 году, не только завоевал любовь миллионов читателей, но и открыл российской публике новый литературный...
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Мария Семенова-Волкодав

Мир был жесток к нему, и он платил миру той же монетой. Никому не верил и ничего не боялся. Он - человек, выжженный изнутри, последний воин из рода Серого Пса...
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Maria Semenova, Wolfhound. Istovik-stone

Plaine. Slavery. Underground mines. Terrible hard labor, but even worse when a former friend turns into a bitter enemy, and those who reached out to the soul...
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Valentin Pikul - Bajazet

Novel `Bayazet` dedicated to one of the dramatic and heroic episodes of Russian - Turkish war of 1877 - 1878 years - the defense of the few Russian garrison...
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Girl's best friend

This is the life story of a woman whose vibrant personality outshone all. It shone in the light of the London summit, has earned the reputation of the...
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Oksana DuhovaBelaya wolf Prince Menshikov

Юный князь Александр Александрович Меншиков, сын опального Светлейшего князя, умершего в Березове, стал свидетелем гибели неизвестного у собора Петра и Павла...
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George Orwell - 1984

The action takes place in 1984 in London, the capital of Runway number one province in Oceania. Winston Smith, a short frail man of thirty-nine is going to...
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Alexandre Dumas

Historical novel in five parts
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