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Рудель Ганс-Ульрих. Пилот Ju-87

Военные мемуары, летчика Люфтваффе о войне на восточном фронте

Personal correspondence of a girl

Personal correspondence of a girl The book contains personal letters to a girl with whom I corresponded over a year. Show event, no fudge. The first letter is...
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Z.Freyd. I it.

One of the great Freyda.
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Just for Fun

Linus Torvalds book about his life

D'Artagnan: the truth about the famous Musketeers

In this book the author was awarded the French Academy. We offer you a book by Jean-Christian Ptifisa "True D'Artagnan." In Russian came out...
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Conversation with a Barbarian. Conversations with Chechen warlord Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev. Paul Khlebnikov

"Conversation with a Barbarian. Conversations with Chechen warlord Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev." Paul Khlebnikov. Contents Part one. Acquaintance...
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Paul Khlebnikov, Godfather of the Kremlin, or a history of plundering Russia

Not for this book, whether killed Paul Klebnikov? Complete details about Baba. Secrets of the Kremlin. But what to say, better to read
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My Chechnya. Notes of a Russian soldier.

The book is about the first Chechen war. The author, an ordinary soldier, wrote about what he saw and experienced that.
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Putin's Empire

On our day in their joys and sorrows. What is the power of the word power
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Loneliness in the network.

"From all that forever, the shortest period in Love" - \u200b\u200bthis is the leitmotif of the European bestseller Ya Vishnevsky. Heroes...
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People and Ideas. Volume 1. M. Shchelkonogov

ABSTRACT. This book is made up of diary notes, scientist, businessman, politician, teacher, creator Michael Schelkonogova metaphysical dialectics. It is a...
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Melissa P. hundred-touch (Diary Melissa)

Diary of Italian schoolgirl affects not so much shocking revelation as risky experiments. The fifteen-year girl on an equal combination: experienced passionate...
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MIND STALIN: Psychoanalytic Study

What gave rise to the draft Joseph Dzhugashvili atrocities against seemingly close people? As reflected in the mentality of an adult beating, which is...
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Go Ask Alice

The heroine of the book died three weeks after its decision not to start a new blog. Her parents returned from the cinema and found her dead. They called the...
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Nonsense undeserved thief. Gushchin Alexey.

340 pages. The book is a confession, preaching "a dashing man," as they say in the old days, committed suicide with his past. In this book the author...
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Berezovsky and Abramovich. Oligarchs from the main road.

What kind of people are these so-called oligarchs? How is it that in heavy for the whole country 90 years, in a period of general impoverishment and loss of...
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Записки Туриста 2008

Сюда я собрал выборки из увиденного и прочитанного от разных людей (то, что я считаю важным, либо забавным). Эти выборки очень чётко отражают моё понимание...
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People and Ideas. Volume 2. M. Shchelkonogov

From the author. Hello. In theory, my specialty business called Soft skills (Eng. - "Soft skills", the skills, the manifestation of which is...
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Druzhnikov YI Informer 001, or Ascension Pavlik

This book was first published in London in 1988 and sounded like a sensation. It is strictly on the basis of documentary exposed the myth of the pioneer hero...
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Tishin MI Looking back, I hope

The appearance of this book was preceded by many admonitions of relatives and friends to capture on paper the fascinating "stories, fables" (most...
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Selection txt books about the war in Afghanistan

Подборка электронных книг в формате txt про войну в Афганистане
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