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Task 02100111-0300-0003 (judgment of ElektroHelp). Calculation of the AC circuit.

In an electrical circuit consisting of a source of harmonic EMF inductor L, a capacitor C and a resistor R, included measuring devices - voltmeters and...
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History and Philosophy of Science (tickets and answers)

Answers to tickets candidate minimum in philosophy in graduate school, compiled on the basis of lectures in KSPU them. VP Astafieva (Krasnoyarsk, 2009). The...
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Scientific articles in English (with translation)

A set of scientific articles (Articles 8) for delivery of a candidate minimum English language graduate on "Informatics": 1) Everything coming up...
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13.00.02 - candidate minimums tickets (computer science)

Answers to tickets candidate minimum in the specialty 13.00.02 - Theory and a training and education (informatics) The document contains brief answers to 32...
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Literature review Ecology, Entomology, Biology.

Literature review for the dissertation, diploma, course, abstracts on the topics Ecology, Entomology, Biology, Bioindication. (Author's text. The...

Passed RFEI Information Technology Management 50vopr.

Final standings RFEI "Information Technology Management". Answers to the 50 questions. Text of first 3 questions: 1.ERP-it: a) an enterprise...
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The procedure for selection of the criminal case (report on research 2007)

The procedure for selection of the criminal case (report on research work, in 2007, 46 pages) TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 5 1. Problems of interpretation...

answers for the exam to graduate school in 2010 DVT

the teacher gave us questions to answer he said. and here we have found. Grab!
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Answers to the candidate. ind. on the history and philosophy of science

Ответы качественные и полные. 1.Предмет и основные проблемы философии науки 2.Понятие науки. Признаки научного знания 3.Наука в системе культуры 4.Типы...
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Complete article in English translation (450 K characte

A complete set of articles for delivery of a candidate minimum English language graduate in the specialty 08.00.05 "Economics and National Economy...
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Как подготовить исследоватeльскую работу

Как эффективно подготовить аргументированное эссе,исследовательскую работу или статью Учебное пособие по развитию навыков академического письма Представленное...
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Physical problems with solutions. CONSERVATION LAWS.

Book 4 - CONSERVATION LAWS is the fourth book of the 19 books in the series of problems on physics with the solution. The book is intended for school leavers...
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The rhetoric of patriotism or nationalism

Patriotism or nationalism Appeal So, what is different from the nationalism of patriotism? It depends on the definition of both. Comments If you see people...
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Accounting practical part 4 version

The company produces and sells two types of products - "Product A" and "B product". During the reporting month product A has been released...
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Crib on philosophy Ph.D.

Answers to questions about the candidate and entrance examinations in philosophy. Cribs on philosophy
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Answers to Tests Pricing in Construction

1. The structure of the construction market is formed by: 2. A legal or physical person exercising, on the rights of an investor or on behalf of an investor...
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accounting test MEBIK

Laboratory workshop on accounting » Test 1. In accounting, the formation of reserve capital is reflected in the posting A. Dt 82 K-m 84 B. Dent 99 K-т 82 B. Dt...
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Territorial organization of the population

Test Indicate the correct answer. 1. Specify the number of republics within the Russian Federation: A. 22; B. 11; AT 5; G. 4; 2. Find two republics within the...
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Marketing research

QUESTIONS 1. Purposeful collection, analysis and interpretation of information to reduce uncertainties associated with acceptance marketing decisions related...
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Theory of Information Processes and Systems Answers

Theory of Information Processes and Systems Answers on Synergy Tests. Result In the case of a negative assessment of the quality of the examination, it is...
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QUESTION ISSUES ON EDUCATIONAL DISCIPLINE "ACCOUNTING AND ANALYSIS OF BANKRUPTCY" 1. Select which of the following persons cannot file a lawsuit with...
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Mathematical methods in psychology Test Synergy answers

Mathematical Methods in Psychology Test Synergy 97/100 points. The answer base is excellent. 1. Depending on the type of experimental design, there are four...
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