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Resolution on the path from analog to digital.

The article describes the distortions that occur in the image when the cameras at a resolution close to the limit. It illustrates the distortion arising from...
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Practical Guide to CCTV

The manual detail the characteristics of the image and ways of measuring them, which in today´s reality unduly forgotten. The graphs of the modulation...
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the whole truth about it to descend, tips on how to zarabotot, a fraud on this site
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Illustrated tutorial on developing security

How do you need to develop safety rules Before embarking on the development of guidance documents, it is necessary to define global policy objectives. Whether...
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Illustrated tutorial on data protection

It is known that only a few people are making at least some measures to save their data. Remaining seriously think about it only when they lose the information...
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Сигнализация для дома, офиса

Книга рассказывает как оптимально выбрать систему сигнализации для дома или офиса. Как выгоднее для себя выбрать фирму для установки сигнализации и для...
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Kevin Mintnik the art of deception.

Эта книга написана Кевином Митником. Кевин Митник - хакер, в своё время самая скандальная личность IT-технологий. в ней описываеться самая опасная уязвимость в...
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All of the slot machines. Secrets of the winnings.

You probably climbed the entire Internet in search of at least some information about the machines. You are to be congratulated. Have you found what...
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Growing and sale of dill and onion

The book is a practical guide to creating a profitable business in its stead. Specifically, growing and selling dill and onion. In the book, accessible...
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Recipe remove unwanted entries from the paper and stamps

Recipe remove unwanted entries from the paper and stamps
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Guide to unconventional methods of business

From the author This is not a guide to commit fraud, cheating partners, the state and the population. This guide is not about how to catch fraudsters and...
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Business in Russia. Safety Guide

It is no secret that in modern Russian business - this is a dangerous profession, and the larger and more powerful than the business, the greater the speed...
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В "Практическом руководстве по эффективной защите почтового аккаунта" рассматриваются основные уязвимости позволяющие получить несанкционированный...


This guide describes the basic methodology scan your computer, as well as an overview of free utilities that can be useful to find and destroy the majority of...

The search technique keyboard ShPIONOV.doc

For a system of keystrokes usually safe. However, it is extremely dangerous for the user - ie it can be used to intercept passwords and other confidential...

Science of Getting Rich

This book is practical, not philosophical - a practical guide, not a theoretical treatise. It is designed for people whose most urgent need - money, for those...
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Art 61 method to keep pace saving your time

This book is for those who want to live an interesting, creative and happy life. The author not only describes the problems of today's life and the...
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Coaching high performance.

The new style of management, Development of people, High efficiency.
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Performance Management

The book covers the basics of the BPM concept and its individual components: targeted management (Balanced Scorecard), planning and budgeting, business...
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Как обходят плагин винка

Описание обхода плагина винка, а так же способы защиты от этого.
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Lenses in the age of megapixel cameras

The article describes the main parameters of lenses needed to build high-definition video surveillance systems. The analysis of existing megapixel lenses for...
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