Kate. A set of useful programs for the iPhone (12 months subscription)

Kate - a set of useful programs for the iPhone. Each program provides its own set of features aimed at making the use of your phone more convenient and...
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Software package Russification Apple iPhone.

Это программа полной русификации Apple iPhone. Русскоязычное меню, русская клавиатура, логотипы российских операторов мобильной связи, определяение региона...
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Russification IPhone

Only for firmware 1.1.4! The package includes: 1) Full Russification additions and corrections to the forum IphoneApps. Made almost from scratch, all files...
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i2Reader for Apple Iphone

Возможности программы Программа предназначена для чтения электронных книг формата FB2.0. Поддерживаются обложки, оглавления, иллюстрации, сноски, гиперссылки...
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Cyrillic Iphone

This program is a complete Russification of Apple iPhone. Russian menu, Russian keyboard, logos, Russian mobile operators in the region opredelyaenie incoming...
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Teleport.ipa (cheaper than in the AppStore for $ 15)

Control your computer using VNC server. - Ability to access the desktop from anywhere in the world. - Effective key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. ...
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Brain Challenge.ipa

Головоломка от Gameloft для iPhone / iPod и все это в красивой графической оболочкепри этом я продаю товар намного дешевле чем в AppStore (разница в 6$)!
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Russian project. Russification iPhone.

Paid package of solutions for the Russification of iphone: translation of in Russian, RUSSIAN keyboard, contacts, identification numbers, and much more.
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Unlock and activate any iPhone 3G in 15 minutes

With naschego method to unlock your IPhone 3G very easily at the touch of a button - a software solution. Very easy. You do not need special computer...
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Game Labyrinth 1.3.1

Full version of the maze. If you want to show off to friends, fans of other phone models, your choice. * .ipa format
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icq for iPhone (BeejiveIM)

1. Support services AIM / MobileMe, MSN / Windows Live, Yahoo !, GoogleTalk, MySpace, ICQ and Jabber. 2. Saves battery charging. 3. The connection remains...
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Emulator for iPhone lighters

Emulator lighters. You can choose the color of the case. Management made a finger (opening and scratching of flint lighters). Flame reacts to turns iPhone.
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Cool photo editor (iPhone)

A program that can edit images and photos from a photo album iPhone. Images can be stretched, and perform other manipulations. The program will give you a real...
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Game Defend

Excellent arcade game made in the style of Geometry wars for Xbox 360.Raduet its simplicity and uvlekatelnostyu.Vasha task to recapture their homeland from the...
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Backgammon on the Iphone. Ability to play against the person and against the phone, several levels of difficulty.
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voice dialing for your iPhone

The program is voice dialing for your iPhone System requirements: Firmware 2.0
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RSS news reader that supports standard RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. Read the RSS feed is as simple as you read the mail via iPhone.
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moleskinery +: - Create folders and subfolders - Add notes - Add a description for the folder and subfolders - Selection of colorful icons to folders and...
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How to buy iPhone 3G 8Gb for 10,000 rubles

Instructions on how to buy the iPhone 3G 8Gb for 10000 rubles
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Fieldrunners game for iPhone

To date, only one game on the iPhone, I spent about a month. We are talking about the arcade Mote-M. From the hole in the hole on the field running and fly...
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Just you wait! (IPHONE)

The most "Old Skulnaya" game of all time, it is still on the Ruban "Electronics of 02" It's simple - Play wolf catch eggs Set through...
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