House Plants

GROWING bonsai (dwarf trees) AT HOME

Craft, which came to us from Japan. Material includes recipes, tips, description of the cultivation of bonsai. Volume: 32 p. Archive size: 77,5 kb.
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Very ineteresno book. Writing one famous person in the life proshlooy zoyadlym lover smoke marijuana and various zhrugimi pranks.
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Collection All About Houseplants

Hello! There were questions about the plants, this book will give you an answer to all your questions! Contents: -How To choose a houseplant -How To take...
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Flowers as Gift: Who, How, What

Hello! We decided to give flowers, but do not know how? and what? In this book you will find answers to all these questions. The author describes all the...
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You have no children? Get into the house Ficus

Today we will continue talking about indoor plants. At this time, we introduce you to some of the not flowering plants that can be planted without much hassle...
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Want to live a long time - Start Potted Plants

Indoor plants like flowers of life. Very informative article. Thank you for your purchase!
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All about Flowers reproduction

Wonderful article that tells you how to reproduce colors under different conditions. Thank you for your purchase!
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Bonsai Culture

Culture Bonsai Growing bonsai.
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Encyclopedia of cacti

best encyclopedia of cacti
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Your green hedgehogs

The book is about the varieties of cacti, their diseases, and care for them indoors
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W. Bush. Bonsai in our house.

W. Bush. Bonsai in our house. Color illustrated reference book. A detailed description of the creation of bonsai hands. The book is in pdf format 114 p.
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everything about Succulents (Russian, 2002)

book in PDF format The book talks about plants such as succulents (some what similar to the cactus. For all succulents are plants that store water in specific...
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Atlas - cacti and other succulents

Indoor flower lovers will find in this atlas all non- need for information about the conditions of cultivation of cacti and the other GIH succulents - the most...
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Encyclopedia of Plants About all secrets of Planting

Tools and equipment for plants Care Reproduction of evergreens  WATERING Graft  Fertilizing  PESTS houseplants Recipes for pest control: LOCATION OF PLANTS...
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