Sewing classes (part 1)

This book is dedicated to those who want to learn and improve their skills in the skill of sewing clothes. In recent years, especially increased the number of...
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Metrosexual involuntarily. Notes frustrated hippies. (Peter Hyman)

What is a metrosexual? This is a man of normal, heterosexual orientation, has exquisite taste gay. It was about this book and tells the American writer who...
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Miss Charm

This unique book, which draws on information from the archives of the NKVD, psychology, magic, sexuality and etc. The price of the book is arbitrary because...
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Survival in the city.

Methods of survival on the streets of the city, each den.Vasha safety in your hands.
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The Art of Makeup

The Art of Makeup .Cotni to take care of the face and body in the home. Contents: - Correction of shape and facial features - Selection of colors for makeup...
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To itself the hairdresser

Not all of us are born to shine on the catwalks, appearing on the covers of magazines and in the movies. Yet so I want to be beautiful! And there are moments...
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Stylish man, or 13 steps to perfection

Stylish man, or 13 steps to perfection The days when a man was supposed to be a little nicer monkeys have long since passed. Today imagine untidy, unkempt...
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Necktie - Master Node

Did you know that the shirt collar can be of various shapes, and he can not be combined with the usual form of assembly? How to make a shirt, tie and suit...
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Book of hairdressers

Book master barber. Technology hairstyles
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Fashion models of trousers, breeches and shorts for any figure

Trousers, breeches and shorts have long been familiar article of clothing, not only men, but also of the fair sex. Today, a group of women's classic...
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MAKEUP. Practical advice.

This book is a concise, but very informative guide to the world of cosmetics. It contains information relating to the proper execution of makeup, correction of...
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tattoos. their designation

tattoos. their designation! in pictures, each headdress description of who and what they are applied!
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Costume pictures Hendrick Avercamp

The album is made up of fragments of paintings by the Dutch artist XVI - XVII century Hendrick Avercamp (1584-1634). The album has several sections...
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Hats, dresses, hairstyles

The album includes pictures and fragments of the XIX century French artist Juan Sala, which show clothes, hairstyles, hats. It is not possible to state...
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Clothing in pictures Cabello-Camille Lassalle-Leopold

The album includes pictures and fragments of the XIX century French artist Cabello-Lassalle Camille-Leopold (Cabaillot Lassale Camille Leopold), which show...
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Household items in the paintings of Gerard ter Borch

The album is made up of fragments of pictures of Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681) - Dutch artist. The album - several sections: "Hair"...
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Personal details in the paintings of Jean Leon Gerome

Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904) lived and worked in Paris, traveled to Italy and the East (Turkey, Palestine, Egypt). A very prolific, very famous. Many of his...
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Pattern "Clutch on a chain"

Pattern life size. Clutch on a chain. Closes on the valve. On the back wall zip pocket. Inside mullion zipper and two offices. Size 23h16h6. How to print the...
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Pattern-base for a straight skirt

Individual construction of a pattern for a straight skirt
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Pattern-base for a skirt of wedges

Individual construction of a pattern-base for a skirt of wedges
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Pattern-base for a pant-skirt

Individual construction pattern for the skirt-trousers
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Patterns for all skirts

Individual construction of patterns for skirts
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