HR Management

Introduction of three first-class brainteasers.

Ironically, but the first time I realized during that time that the money - it's the equivalent time. The fact that the money - our materialized labor, I...
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The book is about how to choose the right people to assess what can be expected from them and what to do.
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The organization and division of labor in a small building th compan.

methodology developed from experience in the field of interior decoration (over 15 years). A description of any work of any complexity, where (most...
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Secrets for beginners (those who are looking for or starting work)

Tip 1: On the implementation of formal and actual duties Tip 2: On the economic threat of the employer Tip 3: On the prestige of the work Tip 4: The search...
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I do not know what your thoughts were occupied when you were a teenager; but I was totally absorbed in trying to gain the upper hand in the quarrels with my...
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Human Resource Management. Filin SA

Audience: Managers at various levels, employees of departments of human resources management. The objectives of the book: To help managers clearly manage... 0

Scenarios and organization of corporate events

How to create a corporate culture that will improve the indoor climate in the team and help the company to take its rightful position in the business world?...
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Financial motivation of sellers

Material incentives - a great power, which, however, must be used skillfully, thoughtfully and delicately. Not every reward system is working effectively. How...
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Magic and culture in management science

The book is written on the basis of Management Sciences, saved an old mazykami and studies carried out in the framework of the folk revival of industrial...
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KPI management staff logging avenue I

This paper presents the performance management KPI for employees logging company are easy to base performance bonuses.
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Regulations on bonuses based on KPI

Regulations on bonuses based on the KPI officers to the chief engineer of a timber company (implemented at the operating company)
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Regulations on awarding service deputy for finance KPI

Regulations on awarding service deputy for finance developed on the basis of KPI introduced in the current logging enterprise.
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Staff training in the restaurant

Over the past ten years on the Russian restaurant market were successful restaurateurs, talented chef, new technologies and quality products. But the service...

Kurs lektsiy po ekonomike truda

Opisyvayetsya predmet ekonomiki trudovykh resursov. Struktura trudovykh resursov. Sotsial´no-trudovoye otnosheniye v ekonomike rynochnogo tipa. Gendernyy...
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Motivation and commitment

A short farewell, which makes you wonder yourself and your subordinates.
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Universal collectors job description

The need for a quality job descriptions, consistent with the objectives of business development, internal and external organizational processes of enterprises...

Management of small business MEM96 (2)

Task 1 A small company producing ventilation equipment, has signed a contract to supply equipment to the shopping centers under construction for a year...
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Управленческий учет в США

The content of publications is divided into 3 chapters. The first chapter describes the essence of the principles and provisions of the administrative account...
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Human resource management (tests MEI)

Task 1 Question 1: What are the main stages of human resources policy? 1. The cross-cutting and sector; 2. The methodological and applied; 3. The national...
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Human resource management (control sc 4)

Task number 1: Analysis of the current organizational structure of the management system Persian-nel in the organization. Task number 2: Principles of...
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Tarasov-managerial elite. How do we select and g

A new book by Vladimir Tarasov is dedicated to the problems of selection and training of potential managers; it contains a detailed description of several...

Timmerson tests

Set of assignments and tests used in professional HR selection of candidates applying for the oil and gas sector. Used by recruiting agencies and HR...
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