The syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette´s Guide for Physi

"The syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette. Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic aspects: a manual for physicians." /D.E. Zaitsev, St. Petersburg, 2012...
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Hodos HG Nervous Diseases, 1965

You will be given a link to a file DJVU: 400 dpi, OCR, table of contents, hash 1FD2C39805B83D3CF8DE602484085980 Hodos HG Nerve disease. Guide for physicians...
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Healthy heart, or angina as a psychosomatics

Coronary heart disease, as well as many others, considered the modern orthodox medicine chronic and incurable. I would like to grind their teeth and say bad...
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Focal forms of epilepsy in children: a manual for physicians

Zaitsev DE Focal forms of epilepsy in children: the experience of diagnosis and treatment, St. Petersburg, 2009, 152 pages Zaitsev Dmitry E. - MD, a child...
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Total cure from depression, schizophrenia and insomnia

The four most effecctive methods of drugless deliverance from insomnia and several additional methods of deliverance from insomnia are considered in the...
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Treatment of autism.

Traditional medicine practices leads to effective improvements. Description of the reasons contributing to the appearance of the disease on the basis of...
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Encyclopedia pain. Filin. (1996)

Encyclopedia pain. Owl. (1996). Encyclopedia PAIN On the occurrence of pain, its causes and getting rid of it
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Biohacking during panic attacks and anxiety

This book is designed to help people with a diagnosis of panic attacks, vascular dystonia (VVD), neurosis, and the like. And in her, I am not going to tell you...
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7 effective exercises for the treatment of osteochondro

Experts often confuse the symptoms of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine with vegetovascular dystonia of the head. As a result, the patient receives...
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Neurology for general practitioners. L. Ginsberg

The educational publication, written by a renowned English neurologist and withstood nine editions in the UK (including the early editions of another author...
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Khomutov A.E., Kulba S.N. - Anatomy of the central nerv

Anatomy of the central nervous system: a tutorial. A.E. Khomutov, S.N. Kulba. The textbook is written in accordance with the requirements of the state...
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Anatomical and clinical atlas on neuropathology

Sandrigailo L.I. Anatomical and clinical atlas on neuropathology The creation of the "Anatomical and Clinical Atlas of Neuropathology" was dictated...
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