Practical Work

Investment project

Investments Investment project. Practice Content Brief description of the enterprise Analysis of the external environment. Competitors Assessment of the...
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Report on the practice in preschool

Pedagogy. Report on the practice in preschool Table of contents 1. Acquaintance with preschool educational institution 3 2. Analysis of the subject-game...
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Practice in a trade organization (Drevplit LLC)

Practice report Practice in a trade organization (Drevplit LLC) CONTENT Introduction ..3 1. General familiarization with the company …… 4 2. The material...
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Collection of case studies on the subject "Banking" Code (PD 93) Task 1 March 22, 2007 citizen K., and CB "Rus-money" entered into a...
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Деньги кредит банки практическая

Сборник практических заданий по дисциплине «Деньги, кредит, банки» Задача 1. Рассчитать объем денежной массы, необходимый для обслуживания обращения. Если...
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International standards of accounting and financial rep

Collection of practical tasks on the subject "International Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting" Exercise 1. In what situation does the...
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Workshop valuation of intangible assets SD14-option

Workshop valuation of intangible assets SD14-option. Completed by 95 points.
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Социологическое исследование на тему Эффективность системы развития персонала в ГБУЗ «Псковская областная больница» Оглавление Глава 1...
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Sociological research on the topic The effectiveness of the system of training personnel of OJSC "Surgutneftegas" Table of contents Chapter 1...
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Project Motivation of the personnel risk management

Includes company developed for catering: - Staffing - The organizational structure - Ranking of staff - Indicators KPI - Assessing the risks associated...
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Conflict situation FINEC (SPSUEF, SPBGEU)

Work on the course "Conflict" 4 course specialty "Human Resource Management". To simulate the situation of conflict in the industrial...
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Organizational culture of Surgutneftegaz

Project work on the course "Organizational Culture", 4 year, FINEC (SPBGEU), specialty "personnel management." Originality 95%...
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Innovation Management FINEC (SPBGEU)

Innovative project "Implementation of measures to improve the socio-psychological climate in the team," the course "Innovation Management"...
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Innovation Management SPSUEF (SPBGEU)

Innovative project "Implementation of the education and training of employees" on the course "Innovation Management", 4 year, FINEC...
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Economic Theory "(ET 96 (21

Practical work on the subject of "Economic Theory" (ET 96 (21)) Question 1 A year after the start of operations accounting profit amounted to 400...
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Practical work on the discipline of Money, Credit, Banks

1. The amount of the price of goods sold (services, works) - 2800000000000 p. The sum of prices of goods (works, services) sold by installments, payment period...
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Practical work Economic Geography

1 In some situation the way out of the crisis and achieve financial stability? 2.Chem economic development of society is determined by the placement of...
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Practical work on the discipline of the regional economy

1. What, in your opinion, the problem is most complicate relations between Russia and the European Union? 2. What economic problems are characteristic of the...
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International private law practice

Objective 1 Singapore Citizen M. appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a claim to the Company Limited Liability Company "Trading-Service"...
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Higher Mathematics t = 0

Exam papers on discipline "Higher Mathematics" (VC 96 (3)) Task 1. Search for: 1. The definite integral using the method of direct integration...
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Pre-diploma practice Ironworks

OAO "Metallurgical plant. AK SEROVA "(Rolling Mill)
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Gosy MEI 2 of the Finance

1.Finansy as an economic category. 2.Finansovaya system of the Russian Federation. 3.Gosudarstvennaya financial policy. 4.Finansovy control. 5.Byudzhetnoe...
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