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Lose Weight -: One day - one kilogram

"Lose weight at once"? I would like us to, complete, immediately see the result. And it is justified
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A separate food - a tutorial

A separate food - proper nutrition. A practical tutorial for inclusion in the nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It contains a wealth of advice for the...
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The Kremlin diet, or a diet secret of the Kremlin

The archive file format "ZIP", inside which is a document in Microsoft Word, which contains materials about "Kremlin diet" According to...
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Кремлёвская диета

Кремлевская диета - это очень неплохая диета с которой вы за неделю можете похудеть на 4-5 кг а то и больше
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How to lose weight quickly.

How to quickly lose weight in just 1-2 months, to have a beautiful body, to be confident in yourself? All this you will learn from this material, which is...
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Metabolic Syndrome X

Already in the 20s of the twentieth century it was known that obesity may be associated with hypertension, a change in the lipid composition of the blood...
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The most common methods of water purification

The most optimal ways to clean water for drinking, domestic use in living conditions in the city, in the countryside, in the country
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Lose Weight

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How to beat overweight

Как похудеть и при этом не причинить ущерб здоровью? Как похудеть и потом не поправиться? Почему не помогают модные разрекламированные средства? В чем вред...
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How to find a beautiful figure in a good mood

In his book, I share those "secrets" that helped me lose weight. In the quest for a slim figure, I have tried a lot of diets and methods. But to no...
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Уникальная методика избавления от лишнего веса

Аудиовизуальная программа для снятия тяги к излишнему питанию. В процессе прослушивания закодированных фабул внушения (ЗФВ) (в стандарте МР3) и просмотра...
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Japanese miracle food

Niche Katsudzo "Japanese miracle food" Since ancient times, doctors East knew that everything in the world is energy, and that without it there is...
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Paul Bragg Two best-selling book about nutrition

1. Paul Bragg "Miracle of Fasting" The most famous of the books Bragg "Miracle of Fasting" appeared on the West millions of copies. And...
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Такого вы в сети не найдёте, открыт самый простой и быстрый способ похудеть, торопитесь, не нужно более изнурительных тренировок и полных голодовок, всё легко...
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A detailed description of the course to normalize body weight

Detailed description of the base course to reduce and maintain body weight using natural homeopathic drugs, which are selected in such a way that each such...
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Удивительное очищение печени

Книга раскрывает причины появления камней в печени и жёлчном пузыре, объясняет, почему эти камни ответственны за ряд болезней, помогает определить, есть ли в...
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Gastric ulcer: prevention of treatment of ulcer and gastritis

Язва желудка - что это за болезнь? Каким образом она возникает,кто попадает в группу риска,как избежать обострения этой грозной болезни? Автор данной книги...
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Ilya Melnikov "Nutrition in liver cirrhosis"

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF FOOD AND ITS GOALS The complex set of therapeutic interventions used in cirrhosis of the liver, is not the last place belongs to...
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100% proven method allows to gain weight

Check for yourself. Just shocked. Such a simple and efficient way, you will not find anywhere else exactly. This methodology was developed known vrachёm...
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How to lose weight while eating all

Useful tips for weight loss in the absence of organic disorders.
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Ancient recipes rejuvenation

In 1971, in a Tibetan monastery, UNESCO expedition was found prescription homeopathic remedy rejuvenation. On clay tablets that date back four or five thousand...
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Kondratyuk A. Obesity: Why diets do not help

Scientific-popular practical guide. Author: MD, PhD, director of the Center for Preventive Medicine of the "Word" The book examines the main causes...
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