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Learn a foreign language? Easy !!! SECRETS HERE

How to learn a foreign language? What methods are used? What to do if there is no desire, ability, lacking memory and attention? A unique opportunity to get...
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Methods of accelerated learning any foreign language

Чтобы выучить язык, надо знать не только принцип, но и подробную технологию применения его. Изложение самого принципа займет всего несколько строчек, вся...
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The most effective method for the development of memory

This technique will help you to quickly learn a foreign language, at once remember any poem, a story, a set of numbers, words, and so forth. + Free book...
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Diploma. Ways to achieve equivalence of the translation of a business letter.

Дипломная работа по филологии Факультет иностранных языков Кафедра немецкого языка Тема: "Способы достижения эквивалентности перевода делового... 0

ПОЛИГЛОТ! Уникальное пособие по изучению любых иностранных языков.

Пособие по изучению любых иностранных языков. Благодаря этому уникальному пособию через 4-5 месяцев любой иностранный язык будет для Вас как своим родным...
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German for beginners (first year)

Fully ready to print the author's textbook "German for geeks," tried out in a secondary school To familiarize you can see on the site. URL-GOODS...
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Homework in English Kuzovlev 10-11kl.

Homework in English Kuzovlev 10-11kl. (In PDF)
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Grammar of the Greek language

The basic grammar of the Greek language in tables and figures: the time, case, numerals, etc.
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Japanese alphabet

From the author: yaponista should know beglopis or poluskoropis. It is in the letters and postcards in the papers and addresses, and the inscriptions on the...
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Latin. Teach-yourself book

The most friendly and clever tutorial on Latin. Grammar and vocabulary, all for passing the exam or just for your education!
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Синтаксис сложного предложения во французком языке 89 с

Учебное пособие для студентов IV курса специальности «французс¬кий язык и литература» содержит все необходимые сведения теоретического характера по синтаксису...
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Стилистика современного немецкого языка 18 стр

Методические рекомендации к семинарским занятиям по стилистике современного немецкого языка
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Hauslekture page 67

Toolkit for students 1 and 2 courses of philological specialties
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4000 useful words and expressions page 58

QUICK GUIDE INTERPRETER international affairs (English yazyn)
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3500 German words. Technique remember.

The manual is a dictionary-minimum, containing about 3500 words needed to communicate in German. Dictionary was created by the author's method of...
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Sanskrit textbook for beginners

Author Sanskrit language textbook for beginners. It includes a small learning Sanskrit-Russian dictionary of common words. The content of the textbook: *... 0

Fast foreign language learning

Fast learning a foreign language from Japanese to English. - For a long time you want to learn a foreign language, but there is absolutely no time for that?...
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Implementation of personal-active approach in teaching

Выпускная квалификационная работа по методике преподавания немецкого языка, защищена в Пермском государственном педагогическом университете в 2009 году на...
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Spanish for Beginners (audio)

You've always wanted to learn Spanish, which is spoken by the whole world, but you do not have time to attend language courses? Now you have the...
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Talk to Me. A full course of Italian language. (3 CD)

"Talk to Me" - an interactive computer course to study the Italian language. The latest multimedia technology will help you quickly and effectively...
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Methods of accelerated learning any foreign language

Very often, many people complain about the lack of ability to learn languages. It is not so! Ability to successful language acquisition is absolute for each...
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English distance learning

Настоящее учебное пособие предназначено для самостоятельного изучения английского языка в системе дистанционного обучения. Данный раздел рассчитан на 100-110...
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