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1. ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SITUATION IN RUSSIA In the late 19th - early 20th century 2. POLITICAL CAREER STOLYPIN 3. Stolypin and the Duma 4. Stolypin...

The truth about the collapse of the USSR

Find out the truth about the collapse of the Soviet Union. That you do not know anywhere else
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Книга Льва Николаевича Гумилёва "Древняя Русь и великая степь" исправленая и отредактированная

Очень хорошая историческая книга описывает и доказывает точки зрения известного русского историка, Гумилёва Л.Н., на исторические факты и события, разные...
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TOGETHER: In a place ?! Antisemitism INTELLIGENT VOLUME 1.

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TOGETHER: In a place ?! INTELLIGENT Semitism. VOLUME 2.

MOSHE BELFERMAN "TOGETHER: In a place ?! INTELLIGENT anti-Semitism." Volume 2. COMMENTS accompanied RESEARCH AI Solzhenitsyn CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN...
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Article A.ZMEEVA: 400 feathers on Dead Man's Chest

Article A.ZMEEVA international journalists to combat the Mexican Indians with the government of Austria for modern vozvrasheniya them unique crown last emperor...

History of the Fatherland (P. Stolypin reforms) (Legal)

Coursework (no place Unused ) was checked professor. (Footnote reference), in general it right PLAN INTRODUCTION 3 Chapter 1. Reform Stolypin and the State...
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The Emperor of All Russia IvanIII Kontrolnayarabota (report) for university students. Rated 5

Контрольная работа (доклад) для студентов ВУЗов. Тема "Государь Всея Руси ИванIII" Объем 25 листов. Оцека за работу 5.
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Под сенью акации. Тайна фальсификации истории.

Электронная книга Сержа МОРО «ПОД СЕНЬЮ АКАЦИИ» Библия и Россия. Новая хронология библейских событий. Проблемы фальсификации в истории. Легендарный царь...

Pyatkov VV Arctida - northern Atlantis

Many scientists and researchers for centuries trying to find the location of Atlantis. Initially, all we are arguing about what is generally whether Atlantis...
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Pyatkov VV Cro-Magnons or ancient Rus

Where did the modern human species? As it passed its development? Why is the red - it means good? The world's first standardized tools and hunting weapons.
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Pyatkov VV Ape troglodyte or Bigfoot

What is a Neanderthal? Animal or an ancestor of Homo sapiens speaker? How to look at it in the light of the collapse of Simialnoy theory? Who is closer...
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Pyatkov VV Why does not the monkey became a man

A man descended from monkeys according Simialnoy theory, was written in the textbooks of the twentieth century. Today is generally recognized - it is not true...
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Pyatkov VV Russian stone from the Neolithic

Astronomy of ancient man. Where is the evidence? Why hide work on deciphering the astronomical knowledge of our ancestors? Where did the Russian stone?
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Gold Evidence Stories

The name speaks for itself, unknown historical facts and evidence
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From the life of St. Petersburg 1890-1910-ies. "DA aspirated, VI Pyzin

D. publication of memoirs and Zasosova VP Pyzina preceded partial publication of their literary treatment of ME Abelin in the journal "Neva"...
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Hyperborea - mother of the world culture. Valery Demin.

Классические древние цивилизации появились в местах своего пребывания на Ближнем Востоке,  Южной и Восточной Азии в промежуток между 12-м и 2-м тысячелетиями...
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History and development of NPO PM MF Reshetnev and NPO PM at the present stage

The proposed file is a detailed description of the until recently closed plant Scientific and Production Association butt mechanics. The guys from the NPO PM...
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History of State and Law

PLAN 1. Introduction 2. Question a) Case of. Near Kiev during the reign of Vladimir Monomakh, one smerd stolen horse. Footprints led to the trading camp...
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History of Russia

Theme number 11: RUSSIA AND WORLD WAR 1914-1918 PLAN 1.Otlichie world wars on the local, the causes of World War II in the early twentieth century...
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The contract with the Devil

The contract between the devil and Urbain Grandier. Photographs 1634.
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Полный курс лекций по русской истории

Полный курс лекций по русской истории
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