Annie Besant. Introduction to Yoga

Предлагаемые лекции дают общее представление о йоге, с целью подготовить изучающего применить ее на практике, приняв к руководству главный трактат о йоге —...
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This book has received mixed opinions and a lot of criticism from the adherents of spiritual practices, but also brought the popularity. The author very keenly...
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Sri Aurobindo - Integral Yoga

Reading this book at first glance may seem quite difficult, especially for someone who refers to this category for the first time. But do not delay! In it you...
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Activation of the Ajna chakra: rare, effective techniques

We are offering you together from various sources a unique, simple, do not occur widely available techniques and exercises to expand the vision, activation of...
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Mind control

One of the authors of the book Jose Silva almost his entire adult life devoted to the study of what can be taught to the human brain. The result is a unique...
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Heal Yourself with Yoga

Based on personal experience and deep knowledge, this book is intended for all - men, women and children, young and old, sick and healthy. It describes how to...
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100 days for health, longevity

In this book, the author reveals to us the ancient Taoist secrets of rejuvenation, which include qigong, sexual yoga and practices for achieving longevity. A...
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Ashtanga Yoga. The Practice Manual

David Svenson started practicing yoga in 1969 at the age of 13. In 1973, David Williams introduced him to Ashtanga. In 1975, K. Pattabhi Joyce first came to...
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ASHTANGA-YOGA Complete step-by-step guide

The book is a step-by-step illustrated guide that guides you through the cycles of balanced exercises and breathing techniques of this dynamic form of yoga. A...
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Yoga Exercises for Teens (ENG)

Yoga is not only an excellent low-intensity training, it also helps young people to better understand their body, become more flexible, concentrate, reduce...
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This book presents a unique wellness exercise
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Annie Besant. The power of thought

The purpose of this little book - to help students in the study of his own nature in so far as it is related to its intellectual component. If he mastered the...
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Yoga Warrior

Wonderful video program on the so-called "Yoga Warrior". As you know, yoga combines two elements - "fluidity" and "immobility"...
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Yoga for beginners - and not only

This stunning in its effectiveness and simplicity program from the yoga course for beginners contains not only the most detailed step-by-step instructions on...
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Yoga for Men

This work - a great benefit for both yoga students and instructors. The perfect introduction to yoga movements will allow you to learn all the exercises, and...
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Yoga for Real Life

Maya Fains is a well-known yoga teacher and fitness guru, whose services are enjoyed by many celebrities. Her inspirational style of teaching yoga, which...
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Karma, or the law of cause and effect.

Блаватская Е.П. Еще в глубокой древности в священных индусских Писаниях был дан ключ к раскрытию наиболее трудных загадок человеческой жизни. По учениям...
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Yoga : a complete illustrated guide - Sofia

Classical book of all time, written by the most famous disciple of Swami Sivananda. For the first time - an authorized Russian translated, with the approval of...
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"СИНЕРГЕТИЧЕСКИЕ АСПЕКТЫ КЛАССИЧЕСКОЙ ПРАКТИКИ ЙОГИ" В.Бойко "САМАДХИ ЙОГА. Учение тибетских лам - Маха-Мудра. Тибетский Буддизм" Составил...
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The practice of mindfulness in daily life or how to live in the present

Be awake! Why is this so simple-sounding call is the overall goal of spiritual traditions? The book, based on the transcript workshop, the author teaches the...
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Awakening. Overcoming obstacles to the realization of human capabilities

Задача этой книги - помочь вам обрести то, что вы, как вам казалось, уже имеете - свободу воли, разум и самоосознание. Я подозреваю, что эта идея может...
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Relaxation techniques

Tips for relaxation on the basis of classical yoga.
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