Sewing classes (part 1)

This book is dedicated to those who want to learn and improve their skills in the skill of sewing clothes. In recent years, especially increased the number of...
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How to make flower pots, jugs and other things out of clay.

The book explains in detail how to pile of clay flower pots. Shoroshim describes the properties of the clay, its types and all connected with it. Technology...
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The art of embroidery

The material contains a lot of drawings, diagrams and photos. Volume: 15 pages. Size of archive: 603 kb. Contents: Painting with needle and thread...
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The material contains a lot of drawings, diagrams and photos. Volume: 12 p. Size: 762 kb. Contents. Step 1. Select the work Step 2. Materials and...
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Batik fabric painting -Manual

Batik - a generic term for a variety of ways, hand painted fabrics. Material includes drawings, photographs. Volume: 8 pages. Size: 274 kb. Contents. What is...
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Artificial flowers AT HOME

Description of the technology, the manufacturing process of various kinds of artificial flowers. Volume: 15 pages. Size of archive: 196 kb. Contents: Tools...
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Volume: 12 p. Size: 315 kb. Contents. So, get ready for work. What we may need? Sawing Types of joints Packing Movable legs Frameworks Relief faces...
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The manual describes the technology of various ornaments made of leather, arguing that the jewelry can be satisfied not only ornaments of precious metals and...
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Art lace tatting

Tatting - a French name a special type of lace, woven by hand using a small chelnochka. There was a name from the French word frivole - «empty." Indeed...
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Как в ручную с нуля создать Свое Дело ... журнал "РЕЗУЛЬТАТ" эл.версия №2

Журнал "РЕЗУЛЬТАТ" - самый толковый журнал о создании Своего Дела Найдется ВСЕ Тема этого номера: "РАБы XXI века" - это о нас, наемных...
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Suvenir- "Heart"

Souvenir made by the hands, the best gift favorite. This gift can be made with your own hands quickly, for a penny. And looks gorgeous! Complete assembly...
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Stained label. Walkthrough on manufacturing.

This guide provides a detailed description of the manufacturing process of reusable silicone labels, as well as photographs of all stages of the process and...
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development schemes

I develop the circuit of your pictures
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Бисерная схема-урок Apache Leaf Stitc

Я хочу показать как выполняется цепочка, которая называется Apache Leaf Stitch. Она выглядит, как листочки последовательно растущие из серединки предыдущего...
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Collection of 15 craft origami

15 wonderful paper figures will help develop thinking, to teach needlework and pamper your baby.
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Схема для вышивки крестиком

Схема+программа, подходит для "Касаток"
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The scheme for embroidery cross Woman Falls

Размер 132х200 крестиков, 24х36см, качество хорошее
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