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Graduation project Reconstruction of power plant production of oil and gas

Diploma project entitled "Reconstruction of power plant production of oil and gas deposits Urevskoye №2 CCI" Langepasneftegas " Ingredients...
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Diploma in TMS (part - the case of the bellows)

Graphics (Compass 5.11R01) - 12 sheets A1 PP - 78 sheets
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Course of TMS (part - body 2)

Graphics (AutoCAD): 6 sheets A1 19 Explanatory sheets
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Coursework - The use of OpenGL to create 3D objects.

In this paper we detail the possible use of OpenGL to create a variety of three-dimensional graphics and manipulation of them.
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Student Handbook

Student Handbook or as a student Pervak \u200b\u200blive up to the diploma, Not to spoil the nerves and without lifting a finger.
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The control - Legal regulyuvannya orendnih vіdnosin zakonodavstvі in Ukraine

Become 1. OSNOVNІ PONYATTYA schodo Orenda 1.1. Ob'єkti Orenda 1.2. Orendodavtsі 1.3. Orendarі 1.4. Іnіtsіativa (propozitsіya) schodo Orenda lane 2...
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Control - The price of labor

Entry 1. The scientific concept of value and price of labor 1.1. Classical approaches 1.2. The modern point of view, 2. The cost of living as a benchmark...
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The control - Vidi Marketing

ВСТУП 1. ПРОДУКТОВИЙ МАРКЕТИНГ 1.1. Якість і конкурентоспроможність продукції 1.2. Планування продукції 1.3. Управління продукцією фірми 2. МАРКЕТИНГ СПОЖИВАЧА...
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The control - a method that proforієntatsіynoї profkonsultatsіynoї Robots

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Analysis of tales by Alexander Ostrovsky's "Snow Maiden".

This work is a deep, comprehensive analysis of the fairy tale by Alexander Ostrovsky's "Snow Maiden". Particular attention is given to the...
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Course work in discipline "Chemical Technology"

The dehydrogenation of isoamylenes in isoprene output of 300,000 tons / year of raw materials. The object of research is the technology of isoprene. Purpose...
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Курсовая работа по дисциплине “Математическое моделирование технических систем и оборудования

Оптимизация технологического процесса в каскаде реакторов идеального смешения. В результате выполненной работы были получены оптимальные объемы двух аппаратов...
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Lectures - BC

Concepts 2 BR Criteria for comfort and safety vehicle. 4 The principles and tools to ensure BC. 5 BC legislative framework. 7 Normative legal acts of the...
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Lectures - Civil law

a lecture on civil law 59 pages Contents of lectures Civil law and its place in the system of Russian law. 1. Civil law, its subject and method. 2. The...
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Lectures - Data Protection

Lectures on Data Protection 40 pages
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Теневая экономика России

Неплохой реферат на тему Теневой экономики, 20 стр., оформление стандартное
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GUIDELINES FOR THE DESIGN notes to diploma and course project (work)

GUIDELINES Clerk notes to diploma and course project (work) IN COMPLIANCE WITH STATE STANDARDS Contents 1 Making the main text 1.1Obschie position 1.2...
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