Program management software keyboard FastKey 2.0

Since early times, people are struggling with the challenge of optimizing work time, coming up with the latest tools, reviewing the key areas of its activity...


The clock on the desktop. After installation, restart your computer and immediately after the download, you will see the clock. View standartnyy- HOURS...
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Screen Changer (change the background on your desktop)

Screen Changer - a program that changes the background on your desktop. 1. Saves space 2. Requests and comfortable Figure 3 is selected randomly
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Программа которая делает прозрачным фон под надписями иконок на рабочем столе в Windows
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Find Object

The utility, which after installation. When you right-click on the shortcut in the pop-up menu appears select "Find Object", which opens by clicking...
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Volume v.1.0.

Volume 1.0 Регулятор громкости Автор: Борзов Валерий mdmk@rambler.ru Предназначение: регулирование громкости в Windows с помощью "горячих клавиш"...
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CDEject 1.0.0 is a program for those who really want to facilitate and accelerate its work!
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Blocker screen

In your absence, you can lock the screen of your computer. Unlocking the key combination alt + F4.
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Thermometer on the desktop

The program displays the desktop thermometer !! Which in turn displays the weather outside, in your city. For residents of Novosibirsk weather updated every 15...
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Mouse Utility put an end to petty intrigues

Interestingly, you can imagine how many kilometers a day "runs" Your mouse? Yes, difficult, but the fact remains - the rat race we are all missing...
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This program is designed to free up space on your desktop. It helps you use ungroup programmy.Ona accelerates job after just one click on the icon, you can...
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MemLoad-shows how busy and the RAM, CPU, and swap file.

Simple and easy to monitor system resources. Shows how and than occupied RAM, CPU, and swap file. If necessary, can upload not used applications, and to...
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Red Button-most convenient alternative menu.

The representative of the numerous tribe alternative menu. There a little red button that can be placed anywhere screen. Clicking on it pops up a neat menus...
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QuickStarter 1.0

Simple and easy to use program. Designed to create shortcuts to frequently used programs, documents, web-sites. Links are represented as a tree, situated on...
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Unique notebook.

Уникальная, универсальная программа - записная книжка! Забудьте о хаосе в документах и на рабочем столе!
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Handy replacement for the standard task scheduler - contact your system administrator

Easy replacement for the standard task scheduler - contact your system administrator
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Super Service

AlarmNP - a program designed for reminders, restart, off and end the session on a timer or an alarm clock. Profitably distinguishes it from other programs...
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Screensaver fish in an aquarium - two versions

Versions of the aquarium with a clock and calendar and a floating fish. Setting the quality of graphics and interface. Modes of light, shadows, and so on...
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Win Corrector v. 1.0 - Control of Windows, you are annoying.

Не случалось ли так, что система Windows в конец доставала Вас своими постоянными сообщениями типа: мало места на диске, антивирусные базы устарели, брандмауэр...
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The program is located on the desktop in the form of picture frames. In this frame you can put a photo of the child, a girl, friends, his or, in short, a...
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WatchCat (The program allows you to hide your open windows to tray)

Уникаальная и очень полезная в своём роде програма. Позволяет прятать открытые окна в трэй, чтобы они не мешались на рабочем столе. При этом рабочее приложение...
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Hidden camera meant for tracking the working monitor employees

Hidden Camera ", designed to monitor employees working monitor. The program can be described as a means of controlling performance and enhance security...
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