Tax legislation of the Russian Federation (the collection)

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation (part 1 and 2) Rules of the organization of work with taxpayers Order of the RF Ministry of August 10, 2004 № SAE-3-27...
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The tax scheme which landed FOR KHODORKOVSKY

For the first time available to a wider audience Everyone is talking about Khodorkovsky, but none of that business, it changes the game. For the first time...
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Taxes and taxation

Раскрыты основные понятия теории налогообложения, налоговых систем, классификации налогов. Показана организация Государственной налоговой службы России...
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How to Properly himself registered firms + All About STS

Welcome aspiring entrepreneurs! Even experienced entrepreneurs, this book will go on the shelf desktop as the desktop directory, the latest information on the...
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Encyclopedia of Russian and international taxation

The encyclopedia contains about 1,400 articles that reveal the importance of the main categories in 1500, the terms and concepts used in the Russian and...
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CBN: tax police

Chapter I Legal status and organizational bases of activity of federal bodies of the tax police Chapter II Methods of tax audits Chapter III Administrative...
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Methodical positions of the complex analysis and evaluation of the tax burden of energy companies

This paper presents guidelines for conducting a comprehensive analysis of the tax system the fuel and energy complex and quantitative estimation of the tax...
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Tax Management

Tax management in Ukraine Lectures on Tax Management
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Law of Ukraine on taxation

Law of Ukraine on taxation lecture notes
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Optimization and minimization of taxation. Ready for ways to save

The book is devoted to the legal tax optimization schemes. How to act in order to pay less tax agency, and thus stay within the law without breaking it? How to...
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Оптимизация налогообложения

В издании подробно расписывается схема построения системы налогообложения, ведение учетной политики на предприятиях различных форм собственности; приведены...
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Taxes and taxation

В учебном пособии рассматривается налоговая система Российской Федерации, в частности федеральные налоги на основе Налогового кодекса РФ, а также неналоговые...
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Guide to Taxes for start-ups in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Register. Modes of taxation.

Книга будет полезна начинающим предпринимателям которые хотят в подробностях и пошагово понять путь регистрации в налоговых органах и выбор режима...
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How to reclaim VAT

Chapter 21 of the Tax Code "Value Added Tax" works since 2001. During this time it been made so many corrections and changes, that it becomes clear...
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Tax perpetrators of the Putin era. Who are they

The last six years, was accused of violating the law is not a "Yukos". The fictitious transactions caught "Udmurtneft", in illegal tax...

Tax Code in two parts

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation of the first and second. Text as amended: - 1 of the last amended by Federal Law on 02.02.2006 N 19-FZ, - the 2nd...
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News of the personal income tax

The book is the most detailed and practical examples talks about taxes on personal income. The materials of the book includes all the changes in tax...
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How to reclaim VAT. Deductions and compensation

Chapter 21 of the Tax Code "Value Added Tax" works since 2001. During this time it been made so many corrections and changes, that it becomes clear...
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The new Tax Code

The book contains detailed Commentaries of all changes made to the text of the first and second parts of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, which entered...
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Tax Planning

Первый отечественный учебник, всесторонне освещающий вопросы теории и практики налогового планирования с учетом самых последних изменений в российском и...
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Tax rebates UTII

Благодаря книге, Вы сможете рассчитать сумму Единого Налога на Вмененный Доход, которую Вы, возможно, переплатили в бюджет. Вы получите пошаговое руководство...
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Tax Havens Today / Tax havens today (2007)

Tax Havens Today / Tax havens today The book is devoted to the current state of offshore companies. We give tips on the company's policy on tax planning...
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