Designing Trading Systems

trading systems - their design, development and subsequent use in real-time. First in the series will address the primary essential principles, and...

Advice on preparing a business plan

Why do I need a business plan? What is included in a business plan? Elements of a business plan: Resume Goals and Objectives The product (service) Market...
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Book - \u003cb\u003eThe art trade Silva,\u003c/b\u003e tutorial

Throughout history, we admire and are proud of the superstars in every sphere of human activity: military heroes, business magnates, celebrities, entertainment...
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Practical guidance on the use of hypnotic psycho in business, advertising, everyday life

S.Gorin. Practical guidance on the use of hypnotic psycho in business and medicine, advertising and promotion, trade and daily life. Simple and accessible...
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Gary Goodman - Seven Secrets of a born seller (Handbook businessman).

In this book, Gary Goodman, a well-known marketing expert, reveals the techniques of successful sales of the most successful merchants, they kept secret, you...
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One hundred kinds of businesses that you can start immediately

You need to know what type of business you can start now, without investing a lot of money, and quickly began to earn income .. The first 100 - in front of...
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Unique book in which the writer shares his experiences. We describe the practical aspects of organizing and conducting business. The book will be of interest...
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Frank Bettdzher Yesterday loser - today was a successful businessman.

Являясь автобиографией и практическим руководством к действию, книга в увлекательной форме и на богатом фактическом материале рассказывает, как добиться...
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Book Michael Berger "Entrepreneurship: Myth or Reality?"

Book by Michael Berger. "Entrepreneurship: Myth or Reality?". Why does not the majority of small businesses, and what to do to get the result.
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Правила стратегии обучения.

Материал расказывающий о правилах с помощью которых можно повысить эфективность обучения и принятия решений.
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Normative documents to create the department for exhibition organizations

A complete set of regulations for the establishment of the Department for maintenance of computer and office equipment, as well as exchanges, sound and video...
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Magazine RESULT: the business - from scratch! №1-2003 (with the right of free sale!)

Журнал РЕЗУЛЬТАТ (как создать с нуля СВОЕ Дело, не имея "связей" и капитала) №1-2003 (с правом свободной дальнейшей продажи!) Журнал...
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Секреты Эффективного Резюме - практическое руководство

Электронный курс, состоящий из 5 уроков. - советы по подготовке резюме для новичков; - советы по подготовке резюме для профессионалов; - общие советы по...
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Дипломная работа на тему РАЗРАБОТКА СТРАТЕГИИ СЛИЯНИЯ И ПОГЛОЩЕНИЯ В СИСТЕМЕ КОРПОРАТИВНОГО УПРАВЛЕНИЯ Отрывок: Актуальность темы данной дипломной работы...

Daimler Shilberger_Gotlib

Для использования двигателя в транспортных средствах не было еще необходимых предпосылок, а именно: высокого числа оборотов и незначительного веса мотора. В...

Schnee "Rothschild dynasty or a history of financial tycoons"

Free city Frankfurt with the early medieval period attracted the Jews for its location in the center of bustling trade. During the last millennium there were...

A practical guide to the creation, management and liqui

This book is a translation of the registration authority guidance companies (, for the establishment, management and liquidation of...
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Authors - PhD in economics and psychology - protrude deeply into the theory of proper personnel management, revealing the subtleties and secrets of this...
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Michael E. Gerber "Creating an enterprise that would work"

Другое название книги "Предпринимательство: миф и реальность" Настольная книга каждого бизнесмена.
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An analysis of the utilization of labor resources of the enterprise

Thesis for the degree of bachelor in economic university on the topic: Analysis of the use of labor resources of the enterprise
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Graduation Examination rabota.Programma control staff training for organizations NH RF

Program Management Training for national economy of the Russian Federation The direction of "Management" Graduation Examination work WAYS TO...
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For managers of small and medium-sized businesses. Useful information for the correction of the inner workings of the company. Highlights of this work are used...
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