Audit of Profits and Losses

Table of Contents: 1. Aims and objectives of the audit of the accounting data on profits and losses. 2. Standardized rules for the accounting data on the...
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Audit of Costing

Complete Guide to Auditing costs. Thank you for your purchase!
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Dear businessmen! I want to show you a new look at an audit as a new type of entrepreneurship! Thank you for your purchase!
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Audit and Audit of cash discipline and cash transactions

The book includes topics such as: - CASH - BASIS FOR WORKING CAPITAL - OBJECTIVES OF ACCOUNTING CASH during the transition to market relations. - REGULATORY...
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Audit - Sheremet, Suyts

In the fourth edition of the textbook reflects the current state of the theory and practice of auditing activities in the Russian Federation. The theoretical...
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Theme 1. Audit as a form of control, its objects and methods 1.1. Problems and prospects of development of audit in Ukraine. Its essence...
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Аудит и его функции
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Creating a product, more than 15 revenue-generating ideas.

How to create products that will generate daily income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this is not the limit! More than 15 ideas for products that are...
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Organizations mandatory audit

Mandatory audit organizations of various forms of ownership with the issuance of the auditor's report and assessment of the internal control system
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Express audit on the Internet

Today, the Internet makes access to any service, wherever you are, whatever the distance we did not share.
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Everything about the audit. Essay.

Characteristics of fixed assets. Before matters relating to direct audit plant and equipment, give them a brief description, as well as major concepts...
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Practical tasks Audit - MEI

Task 1. Management of the holding company goes to the accounting firm of Moscow with a request to check the activities of the branches in the city of Tver...
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Workshop "Practice of the valuation of the real estate"

1. Assess the value of the shop with a stable net operating income of 1.5 mln. Rubles per year. However, the future value of the object is projected to decline...
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Checklist and common tasks for pro

Test questions 1. The appraisal company asked the customer with a request to determine the value of the land. In a personal conversation with the customer in...
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Test questions 1. How is the transfer of the right to documentary and non-documentary securities? The order of transmission generally fixed in Art. 29 of the...
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Basis of audit (RGTEU)

Introduction 3 1. Theoretical task: 4 The principles and objectives of dialogue with the leadership of the economic entity. The principles of communication...
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30 questions for the examination of the audit (Metropolitan College)

1. The concept of auditing. The role and place of the audit in the Financial Control of the Russian Federation 2. Aims and objectives of the audit 3. Types...
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The system of financial control and audit in Russia

The theoretical part. 3 1. The financial control and audit in the Russian Federation 3 2. Stages of the audit. External and internal audit. Characteristic...
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Controlling the level of professionalism of auditors

The theoretical part. 3 1. Control of the level of professionalism of auditors. Rights and responsibilities of audit firms 3 2. The essential terms of the...
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independent assessment procedure of the organization, system, process, project or product. Most often the term is used in relation to the verification of the...
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Audit: Cheat Sheet

The crib in a concise and convenient form are answers to all the major issues stipulated by the state educational standards and curriculum for the subject...
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