The program tries to pass himself off as a virus and started the scare, but in fact is a fun comic toy with questions and jokes.
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Choose whom you will! With angel or chёrtom! It depends on the preponderance of good and evil in the world. Your choice completely free, one word - Free choice
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This cool flash game! It is necessary to fill the ball! Its result can be sent to the site! For getting into the top ten you will be given a prize!
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Gluconate (archive in 2KB)

Monitor image is scrolled downward. Mouse running with acceleration and collision with the borders of the screen bounces off them Joke sobstvenoruchnogo...
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game in the style of action

A fun toy in the style of action
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Код для получения серийного номера игры Миллионер 1.4

Код для получения серийного номера игры "Миллионер" версии 1.4 - компьютерного аналога популярного телешоу. Получив этот код, Вам достаточно будет...
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Very interesting stuff!
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Funny Mouse and more ...

Sale of programs for entertainment, Fasteners of whom - ever, either for revenge rude to you man The bottom line is "rabies" mouse, the...
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ugadyvatel thoughts

program by guessing thoughts

Collection of jokes (11000)

11 thousand anecdotes with thematic divisions
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Best aphorisms and poems

Best aphorisms. Significantly improve IQ.
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The program allows you to draw a composite picture mode, the person similar to your boss, teacher, and so on. D., And so on. N., And then give him a slap, or...

funny - landscape. Rozygrat friends

There are photos of the mountains. You are asked not to look at more closely, but after a while instead of a picture appears scary face. Very merry joke. NOT...
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Игра замочи всех подушкой(MTV site). ExCLusIvE. Говорю сразу, что при покупке товара ждут подарки!
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War shortcuts

Have you ever wondered what is happening on the desktop in your absence?
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A bunch of jokes !!!! Creative !!!! This still has not seen

Это убойные приколы!Таких вы ещё не видели!Это не то - что вы думаете!Скачайте и убедитесь в этом! Rar Архив - Размер около 45 килобайтов По вопросам в...
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CD-ROM open

The program opens and closes the loop CD ROM.
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Program BOLTUNIKS coolest program for entertainment !!! The bonus guarantee

Программа Болтуникс предназначена для тех кто любит болтать. Но бывают такие моменты когда очень хочиться паболтать а вот не с кем. И эта программа выручит вас...
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Death you lamer :)

Absolutely harmless program writing me. After starting the computer "victims" need to move to a safe distance (distance to determine the flight range...
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Soldiers word kamondira

Programmes at this phrase from the film shows soldiers
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