Program - Assistant krossvordista, skanvordista, poet and any other slovoiskatelya

The unique program of searching for words on templates, user-defined. Flexible templates to use the program as an indispensable tool in solving a crossword...
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Japanese crossword program to address

The program solves the Japanese crosswords Yaponskiy_Krossvord.exe any difficulty in a few seconds or even moments If you are a fan of Japanese crosswords, are...
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Japanese crosswords, program for creating

The new version of the program called PictJcFull, developed by the author, more complete and powerful version of the Programme on black-and-white Japanese...
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The key for the crossword hronologika

"Hronologika" - another kind of fascinating puzzles, which aims to unravel the cryptic expression.
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Sudoku solver

Program for solving Sudoku puzzles. It has the ability to both solutions at once, and help with the search options substitution numbers in the box. The program...
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Krestoslovitsa v.1.26

The program editor for drawing and guessing of crosswords and skanvordov.
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Crossword 1.3

Crossword - software for automatic generation of the classic crossword puzzles. You can create as a crossword with a certain theme, and not thematic...
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Crossword and editor (+ source)

236/5000 Programmy dlya prokhozhdeniya (razgadyvaniya) krossvorda i redaktor dlya sostavleniya krossvordov Iskhodnyye kody prilagayutsya, a takzhe komponent...
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