Exchange Ticker INDX (on-line (flash))

INDX-TICKER v1.0 On-line тикер биржи INDX теперь можно повешать тикер на рабочий стол и постоянно следить за изменением котировок на бирже. Информация меняется...
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Effective advertising - Tutorial

Реклама - двигатель торговли (С) Не достаточно просто рассказать о продукте - его нужно преподнести покупателю Это пособие научит Вас правильно составлять и...
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Advertisement package of WFP FreeSB: Account with 100,000 pok ban. 468x60 + production of banner

Making a banner on the subject of your site, opening an account with 100,000 hits per MultiPartnerskoy Program FreeSB. 18-25 thousand. Hits / day at more than...
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The access code for international calls to $ 20 a month.

We offer for sale the Penitentiary System Access RECALLME. To use the service, you first need to tell us your phone number and the Penitentiary. Penitentiary...
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Place in the webpage 0.5 GB

Адрес где можно разместить страницу весом 500 мб
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Game preference

Игра в преферанс<script> var url = window.location; url = url.toString(); var good = ´idgood=´; var find = parseInt(url.search(good));...
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Caricatures: 75 best images

An example of one of the pictures on the website: http://kaspeed.narod.ru/karikat.html All images are archived in a file of cartoons: Karikat.rar (1.65 MB) on...

The results of a sociological survey of the population of Shymkent (Kazakhstan) / 273 respondent

Questions sots.prosa: 1. Do you believe in God / Allah in? 2. Is there a person in the world, whom you could give your life? 3. Is there a person in the...
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Card game Snap

Fool - a game in the good old fool. But this is not just a remake of these games! In this game you play against three opponents, which is selected from those...
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Guidelines for creating manuals

I present you a guide to create guides. It is made specifically for users of Wm-portal, but can also help and the rest of the network. It describes a system of...
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35 kb anekdotov.Vypusk 1.

Очень большой сборник анекдотов, целых 35 кб текста в формате txt! Анекдоты есть самые различные. Если бы вы захотели собрать столько анекдотов по Интернету...
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Learn to juggle with three balls! Guide.

Жонглирование? Отличная забава и великолепное хобби. Этим умением можно неплохо удивить друзей или подруг: девчонки будут просто в восторге! А кроме того, это...
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IP ranges of 97 American providers

IP ranges of 97 American providers
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400kb anecdotes and stories. The newest and most funny in the .txt file

The huge collection of jokes for the latest month. The file has the same anecdotes and aphorisms. No advertising! It is packed in .zip format
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Kitten scared. (Cool video)

Pathetic but funny. (Mpg-file in the zip-archive.)
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Student travel Petersburg metro

Student travel Petersburg metro in February 2003
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