External Report Reconciliation Act of 1C: Accounting for 7.7 platform

External Report "Reconciliation Act" for 1C: Accounting for 7.7 platform Not priyavyazan to a particular configuration does not use the functions...
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Configuration for 1C: 7.7 "Real Lite"

Configuration for 1C: 7.7 "Real Lite" new configuration is designed for the enterprise engaged in real estate. This configuration improves the...
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External Report Accruals and retain personnel 1C: Salary 7.7

External Report "Charges and retention" for 1C: Salary 7.7 Implements report types: | Type of payment | January | February | March | | Total |...
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The program for uploading data from 1C Zeke

The program is designed to upload data from Payroll. Data: Tab№, name, address, etc. unloaded in Word or Excel. The program is extremely simple. When you run...
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The book "The development of the system 1C Enterprise 8.0"
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Building a simple configuration of accounting warehouse operations

Building a simple configuration of accounting warehouse operations
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Конфигурация 1С супермаркета

В файле находится ссылка на архив в котором конфигурации 1С Супермаркет, разработанна собственными силами, внутри полное описание.

1C component to work with barcode scanner

1C component to work with the barcode scanner, an RS-232 interface basis Full online potderzhka and assistance in the use of the components!
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Treatment services cash registers for TiS

External processing is necessary for podklyucheniyaniya fiscal record to the products of 1C (eg TiS). With products 1C supplied processing services...
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Processing "1C: Linking 8» (v1.4)

With this treatment can effectively deal with duplicate directory entry that may appear after repeated or improper handling and data synchronization (catalogs...
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The source of external components for Delphi

VC source on Delphi. Frankly, a component of crude and has many shortcomings. However, the component shows how rayuotat with INI files, interact with other VC...
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BarFonts - 78 font for drawing the bar code, no OCX

BarFonts - 78 Шрифтов для рисования Штрих-Кода, никаких OCX. Архив содержит 78 ttf шрифтов, удобно использовать в 1С предприятие. Во избежании проблем читатйте...
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The report on staffing of the date with the selection for the post.

HR problem as fast away from the list of relevant staff. The report for Payroll 7.7 (Zeke 7.7) will help to select as of any date - Temporarily unemployed;...
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Universal treatment

Universal offload processing load from the directory in DBP and back
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Export subkonto of 1C 6.0

My program for export subkonto (directories) of 1C 6.0 to text files. With large subkonto can work for a long time because Default always takes 100 fields of...
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The device storing user data 1Sv8

The device storing user data 1Sv8
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1C 7.7 multicurrency cash book (cashier's workplace)

Platform: 1C: Enterprise 7.7 Independent configuration. Use the genitive and dative, loading kurssov currencies file from the Internet, etc.
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1C 7.7 trips

The simplest configuration for printing travel documents and orders to them. You can print the registry trips. It can work on any platform!
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1C 7.7 Allowance for food and eating in the dining room staff

small configuration to keep records of the parish-rate products in visual form, and calculation of the cost of meals for employees
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1C 7.7 Small printing

It allows you to do a calculation on request. Report on balances in warehouses.
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Печатная форма ОС-2 для БП 8.1

Внешняя печатная форма для конфигурации бухгалтерия предприятия 8.1 ред 1.6 на перемещение ОС. Код открыт.
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