Visual Basic

MicroOffice alpha version project (Original)

MicroOffice alpha project is unfinished VB6 project word processor. Its development took 2 years! The project is almost ready. English and Russian versions...
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Softonic Visual Basic 6

Softonic Visual Basic 6 The most comprehensive Russifiers which you will only find! Ease of use - just run the installation file and Russifiers installed...
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ARM teachers and students

Complex IT, which examine students nlichiyu knowledge on a particular discipline. It has the ability to: -Choose discipline completions and editing issues...
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The source ineternet client such as (MyIE, AvantBrowser etc.)

The source interenet client, with support for multi windows, favorites, coding, blocking vspylvayuschih functions, ad blocking, and other standard features.
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Macro in Visual Basic crossword 20 words check.

Macro in Visual Basic crossword 20 words check. Using this macro you can create a macro in Visual Basic 20 words. There is a button to check the result.
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Calculator in PHP and VBasic.

That which is Vbasic easier, not all modes of operation such as in vindousovskom standard calculator, but still works. In Pieychpishnom calculator it has a...

Options for the Windows registry

This module contains the minimum functions required for working with the registry Windows.
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source program analyzer. Written for those who work with website promotion. Looks positions in search engines such as google yandex aport mail rambler msn and...

Visual Basic 6

It's not just Visual Basic is a compressed package that does not take up much space as in the archive provides instructions for beginners and...
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Professional programming in MS Excel

In Excel, there are many serious books, but this is still the only one where application development is considered in the broad sense. The fact that VBA - only...
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Database Bookcase

This database is designed to store data on your bookcase. It is possible to sort the books by title and author's name. The program has a nice and intuitive...
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Dijkstra´s algorithm in Visual Basic

Dijkstra´s algorithm is written in Visual Basic, it can be used for course work or calculate the distance between points and the shortest way of finding...
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In an array of insert e-t after the first half-element

A simple program (source code), perform simple operations with a one-dimensional array. Text of the task: "The array element to insert after the first... 0

Approximation table function (parabola)

A small program implementing the numerical approximation table function least squares method. The program performs search for the quadratic coefficients of... 0

Rename files in the list excel-I

Situation: You have a file with an Excel data on the partners of the company or just friends. It is necessary to: create e-cards registered. Familiar...
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Vista style (aero) controls

Source code kotrol style whist for VB6. It contains Button, TextBox, the shape of the Aero theme, etc.
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telnet client

Telnet client source code and the actual application itself. Very compact.
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Project Organizer for Visual Basic 6

The finished project organizer. It has functions: reminders, notepad, calculator, phone book. Perfect for students of secondary special educational...
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Source search area at the Visual Studio Basic 2013

The source code of the program to find the area of \u200b\u200ba circle with a predetermined diameter.
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Pinball source file

Update template on view game of Pinball on video lessons number 33 on YouTube
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The laboratory works of information security (VBA)

4 completed laboratory works on the topics of: - Encryption method lookup - Encryption method permutations and XOR encryption - Encryption method of analytical...
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File Encryption. VB source project

File Encryption. VB source project
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