TPWLView component

TPWLView component is designed to analyze list of accounts from PWL-cache storing logins and passwords for access to various resources and services.

Delphi-component TEditLog

TEditLog component for logging in which records all entered on the computer passwords and related information.

Apollo VCL 5.20

ПОЛНАЯ и САМАЯ ЛУЧШАЯ ЗАМЕНА BDE. Apollo VCL - быстродействующее xBase ядро базы данных для разработчики приложений на Borland Delphi и C++Builder...
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RichPas - Convert text Pascal programs RTF

The program allows you to convert source code in Pascal (Delphi) in format RTF, changing it so that it could (program code) can be easily read or print. This...
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Actually the same Turbo Pascal
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D5: Grid to merge cells

The visual component for Delphi - Grid to merge cells (in different modes). Merging cells definition text styles (format, color), user-rendering cells, etc...
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Skin Builder

This prednaznvachen Skin Builder to create "cut form".

The source code for the Forth system Delphi6

Implemented Forth machine. At Delphi written primary interpreter / compiler. Tex Pascal takes just 28K. The rest of the system is loaded from a source file...
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The source program Svetsik

Исходник полностью законченно и работоспособной программы Светик Светик - это утилита подбора цветового кода, которая предоставляет все необходимые возможности...
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Components and classes for accounting systems Delphi 7

Набор компонентов и класов, функций и т.п для написания учетных систем с использованием Delphi 7/

Tic-Tac-Toe v1.0 - source software to play on

The program is designed for 2-year student of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the Novosibirsk State University in 2003. Programming language - Delphi 6.0...
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The source code of the program keylogger on Delphi 5-7

Features - logging, which logs all keystrokes, time and name of the application in which they were pressed, customizable sending tax on e-mail, hiding from the...
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The program for the rapid creation interface in your programs.

С помощью этой программы вы сможете быстро нарисовать фон (интерфейс) для вашей программы. Например, окошко с сообщением, рамку, таблицу или просто какой-то...
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Russian HELP for Turbo Pascal 7.0

We offer help file in Russian for the programming language Turbo Pascal 7.0. I would like to warn in advance that help text is translated percent to 80%...
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Sources game "KOLOBOK 3D"

Sources 3D-analog Pacman game in Soviet hruschobah. The site is available description and the game itself:

Sources program Reminder-in Delphi 7.

Sources program Reminder-in Delphi 7. Selecting the frequency reminders: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every N-th day of the month once. At the time of...
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The source code with a report compiler Java -> Pascal

Broadcaster with the report for the text of the Java program in the language Pascal, transformed the main operators (comparisons, mathematical, assignment...
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S-Time: исходные тексты программы по синхронизации времени на двух и более компьютерах в сети.

S-Time: исходные тексты программы по синхронизации времени на двух и более компьютерах в сети под управлением Windows.
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Полный электроный справочник по ТР

Если вы начали изучать этот язык и вам надоело собирать информацию по крупинкам с разных сайтов, то это для вас! За чем тратить лишние деньги на траффик серфё...
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Three Russian help for Delphi

Вам когда-нибудь приходилось пользоваться справочной системой Windows ? Если да, то Вы наверняка оценили все достоинства и удобства её использования. Я...
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CD Change - The source program for recording CDs turnover

Always you forget what drives someone gave? This program is for you! If something is not satisfied with the program - it can be edited because in the archive...
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Easy [HTML] - source code

Easy \u003cHTML\u003e - A program for creating / editing HTML pages. Source code kursoviki. Unfortunately, the cover sheet is not preserved. Once the program...
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