PC, OS And Network Security

REGmanager v1.0

The program makes life easier for administrators to gaming parlors!
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Paparazzi - Network computer monitoring system. (Demo)

PAPARAZZI - surveillance program for using PC HR corporate networks. Powered by computer completely concealed, as it were "photographed" image on the...
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Zapiratel for mouse

The program is the best way to protect your computer from unwanted intrusion when you are away from it. Now curious colleagues will not be able to look into...
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Great FireWall. Self-learning, faster loading sites

The program of the company WRQ Inc. AtGuard - is the local firewall, which can be used to control incoming traffic and the establishment of inbound and...
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The program of detection, control and trip computer strangers

A very useful program for those who want to gain control of those who constantly shakes without the pale over the network from your computer on their own, the...
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Tray Safe

Protect your user IDs and passwords and allow you to insert them with the mouse without typing! Compatible with any application and web forms. Many options...
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The program for dostuppa to the computer through webcams or just the camera.

The best program for computer access. When she sees your face, that gives access to the computer and no one except you will not be able to go to the operating...
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The program, which will invalidate the action package ATTACK !!!! Protect your computer

All of you know about the attack packets, scripts that are hidden from you and your written confirmation stated in their page in the start page of your...
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Protect your PC, OS and network

YOUR PROTECTION NESANKTSIONIROVANNOGODOSTUPA burglars and hikers as attacks and hacking BY VIRUSES access to all VOZMOZHNOMI access

It removes the key, because that slows view shared resources (registry file)

Starting with Windows 2000 to Windows 2004 and programmers of Microsoft Corporation rasharennym complicated access to resources through the Internet (FTP)...
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Убрать из XP стандартные расшарки (Файл Реестра)

Через стандартные расшарки типа C$ D$ и т.д. злоумышленник может спокойно зайти на Ваш компьютер и делать всё, что захочет! Через настройку Windows удалить...
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Полезные советы по работе с компьютером

A selection of tips for Windows 95/98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP, Word, Excel, FAR, Internet, local networks, antivirus protection, BIOS, and the computer...
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Ip Tools 2.30

Ip Tools - this is the best reshenit for LAN administrators, and Web resources that identify all possible vulnerabilities and the ways of the shadow entry...
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Files Supervisor - tracking new files and folders in the specified directory

The program tracks the emergence of new file folders in the specified directory (surveillance conducted for all folder contents - subfolders, etc. Etc.). Why...
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Complete Surveillance at the computer

This program provides a complete maturation of the computer. From the opening of the application or folder, to automatically scroll through the songs. Also...
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Password generator length of 1 to 999 characters

The program allows you to generate a random sequence of 1 to 999 characters. Program settings: - Select the password length; - The choice of characters that...
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Script to generate passwords on site resources.

The script generation "HTACCESS" and "HTPASSWD" to password protect directory resource site or something else. You just need to throw a...
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Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007

The basis of Outpost Security Suite Pro - a powerful, time-tested firewall that protects you from threats on the World Wide Web. It monitors every connection...
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Code for PHP

Модуль для работы с проверочными кодами на PHP. Код отображается в качестве изображения заданной ширины и высоты. Вы также можете настроить доступные символы и...
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A simple program to protect your computer using disk drives as a key to unlock the computer. Well suited FLASH drives. To start Settings window to start the...
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Professional Personal Firewall (shield): a full license free lifetime

No one except you will not work on your computer. 1. After the payment you will receive a link (URL) to a file with the installation. 2. Navigate to the...
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Game Accounts