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Editor Editor bezrozmіrnih faylіv

Vikonuє redaguvannya great faylіv format txt, rtf. Mozhliva binding to file i insert Shvydko start on the right klavіshu Bears in the Windows 95-ME, NT, 2k, XP.
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This is a text editor with a lot of bells and whistles, and lotions From the font size to the text alignment Very useful advice fast, cheap
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Bloknotik simple text editor for regular small records.

A simple text editor for regular small records, may serve as a good replacement for the standard Notepad. It occupies minimal memory space and RAM, lives in...
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Text Writer

Upgraded notepad (Notepad). Added a lot of useful functions, but retain the simplicity and the kind of conventional notebook.
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New notes for Windows - Notepad ++ 3.2

Notepad - a text editor to replace the Notepad (full-time editor of the operating system). Unlike Notepad, Notepad has enhanced functionality, including syntax...
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Bred 3

One of the best (if not the best) substitutes Notepad - a compact text editor that understands almost all encodings, starts quickly, illuminated HTML tags and...
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Program for viewing djvu files.

Program for viewing djvu files.
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General information about the program «Notebook» Notebook - a simple text editor is used to create simple documents. The most common program «Notebook» is...
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Aditor viewing and editing documents, even DOS

Excellent text editor you can print and view documents even DOS
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RMSEdit 2

Notes editor for mobile phones. It uses system RMS (record store).
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HTML Redactor 2009

The program allows you to quickly and effectively edit and create new HTML code. The program has a lot of support functions such as: a list of font names, the...
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Programm TXT

A text editor with advanced features. Very useful.
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Batch replace text in files

With this program you can replace the text in any number of files in one go.
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CALC Text - a small, easy-to-use utility to count the number of characters in the text. It is useful to all those who work with texts, and who need to know the...
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sbornichek text utilities 6in1

sbornichek text utilities 6in1 despite the small size of the program's very polnznye for text dokumettami eg: line - through this program simplified...
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Info Window 6.0

It is necessary to quickly and reliably save important information? You need a program for fast work with a lot of text data? Tired of storing different...
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AfterScan 5.1 rus

AfterScan v5.1 Russian and English versions AfterScan - universal spell-checker and the world's first automatic corrector of texts. If you do the scanning...
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uDesign [4.7.1] - Russification of the theme 🔥💜

RUSSIFICATION: UDESIGN | MULTIPURPOSE WORDPRESS THEME In the archive: ✈️ - Translation files in .po and .mo format 😇 - Installation instructions 🚀 - Free...
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EmEditor Professional Lifetime Single license

✅ After purchase, you will receive a license key: ✅ IEmEditor Lifetime is a lifetime license for the popular text editor EmEditor, developed by Emurasoft. The...
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EmEditor Professional Lifetime License

IEmEditor Lifetime is a lifetime license for the popular text editor EmEditor, developed by Emurasoft. The main advantages of this program are high speed, low...
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