Computer Systems


A detailed guide that details and examples conducted story about register Windows.
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BIOS Features

Electronic reference book about this concept in the computer as "bios" detailing all the functions.
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Fiber-optic transmission network information: structure of fiber optic cables, multiplexing, etc.

If you missed optovoolokonnymi cables and networks transmitting information based on them, but do not know where to begin, start with this book! In it you will...
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Secrets BIOS, increased productivity, optimization and acceleration of PCs

By purchasing a product, you get a link to download the book The book contains detailed information on the methods of improving the performance of computers...
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Processor, algorithm, architecture

History of processors, algorithm of the processor device CPU
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Coursework - Design LAN recovered

This course project helps to understand the principle of building the network, data transmission technology, computer assembly features. There are covered and...
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All of the components of the video

very detailed description of the components of the video, their works, it is helpful for both beginners and experienced users
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Microprocessors: Course and exercises

The book presents the elementary exposition of the main issues relating to the architecture, operation and programming of microprocessors. Material...
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Protection relays

Textbook for university students. The book is written with the use of materials of the leading electric power research institutions of Russia (JSC...
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222 computer problems

This book will show you ways to solve a variety of computer the problems faced by both beginners and experienced users. You narrow naete from it about the...
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Hacking software. Analysis and use

that book is about how to crack the code. The most detailed way than had been done ever before, the authors talk about the highly technology of attacks and...
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Program UD Architecture Computer Systems 230115

The work program of academic disciplines of computer systems architecture for 230115 FGOS3
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CRC and methods for its recovery

This book gives a brief description of the CRC and methods for its recovery
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Designing computer networks

In the design and maintenance of any computer network there are many big and small issues on the resolution of which no mention in the theoretical...
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Repair Manual Laptop HP Compaq 6730s-6735s

This manual describes the gradual process of assembly and disassembly of notebooks HP Compaq 6730s-6735s (the document is made with color photos and...
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Maintenance and repair of PC

The book is a training course on the maintenance and repair of personal computer (PC) At the end of the course you will be able to: Camostoyatelno assemble the...

Electrical schematic of the adapter mini PCI-E to x16

Schemes mini PCI-E adapter to the PCI-E x16: 1.PE4L_V21b 2.PE4C_V30 3.PM2C 4.Svoy adapted version mini PCI-E to PCI-E x16. Additionally contains pinout ATX 24...
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Features Architecture Purpose Microprocessor

The publication describes the main family of advanced universal GOVERNMENTAL microprocessor used in the microprocessor-based systems, personal tional...
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Personal Computer Architecture - Thesis

Personal Computer Architecture - Thesis Introduction Functional and structural organization PC main blocks and their meaning PC structure Clock Generator...
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