Special Text Editors

Great program for creating electronic books. WebExe v1.5

Create your own professional-quality e-book today, at a cost of 2-3 minutes! For that choose exactly WebExe: * Ease of Use * Robust password protection *...
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The best program for creating electronic books WebPacker Pro + Russian langpak

The best program for creating electronic books WebPacker 1.08 Pro It supports proper display vneshnieh pages (frames) that can be on the web-site, which can...
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Operational editor lines of text files with sihrozapisyu .........

Allows you to quickly add and delete rows in a text file, the file is synchro when adding new rows - so you do not lose the data entered, even if you forget to...
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Program to automatically change the keyboard layout

This program automatically adjusts the keyboard layout, you no longer need to switch the keyboard layout itself - the program will do it itself, by analyzing...
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CodePad - software for encoding (encrypted text) What could be better than encrypt. letter

The program - a text editor. Encrypts and encodes the text. More than 20 encodings (encoded text). Also has Transliters (English letters Russ word). You will...
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Search-replacement, replacement of template

Two programki for batch work with textual information. The first - looking for the string "A" and change it to the string "B", but it does...
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TV-Editor by "Baikal-news"

The program Programme edit TV channels. Features: - Fixes DOS-coding (until now, many suppliers use it); - Changes the time (+/-); - Adds a separator...
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WinPad - a powerful text editor for programmers and not only

Features and benefits editor "WinPad": 1. Convenient "page" display text; 2. Syntax most known programming languages \u200b\u200band...
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This latest version (improvements and additions), a unique, high-quality and exclusive software that will make your work in the field of online business much...
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3DTComm2.0.rar 2009

3D Text Commander turns any plain-text messages in a fun 3D text, letting you create your own 3D text logos, banners, messages and save it to your computer for...
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ReWrite Suite handy program to rewrite the texts

The program for rewriting ReWrite Suite is a versatile tool that will help you simplify and accelerate the process of writing articles. Now, the text of which...
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move text corrector - a program to change the text.

very comfortable programma.S it will save you a lot of time. The program will be useful: programmers, rewriter, copywriter and other people working with text...
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Multikey Cutter - cutting program MULTIKEY-bases

The program for cutting MULTIKEY-database by a particular column. The input received txt and csv files. For example, you can cut the base with such a...
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Editor batch files. It does not require installation. Code highlighting, the ability to run the file from the editor. Menu programs in English.
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Translate from Latin into Russian or vice versa
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This product is designed to simplify the work with wiki markup. Namely - Text Formatting - Code generation links - Code generation table - The creation of...
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lternate Djvu 1.08 (for Symbian 9.4)

With this program for Symbian 9.4 (5800, 5530, 5230, N97, X6) Smartphone you can view djvu and pdf files on the touch screens of their phones. On some models...
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Filler Letterhead

Filler-mail forms an essential program for those involved in the mass mailing of parcels or packages. The program allows you to fill in and print forms...
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AfterScan Webmaster 6.0

Batch processing of a large number of documents (such as processing of Web sites). If you do the scanning and OCR, dealing with in-line editing typed text...
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Counting characters in the text.

The program for counting characters in the text with a space and without. The tool is suitable for those who work with text.
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novaPDF Lite key

After purchase, you receive a license key novaPDF Lite 11 for Windows. The program is designed to create, convert and merge documents in PDF format, as well...
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novaPDF Lite key

After purchase, you receive a license key novaPDF Lite 11 for Windows. The program is designed to create, convert and merge documents in PDF format, as well...

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