OS Management

Program to clean the registry Reg Cleaner

The best registry cleaner. Cleans out traces of any programs sisgemnom registry ummeet throw out all unnecessary startup (which is in the registry, but not...

EditProcess (Wee bazhaєte proglyanut scho you started i pomіnyati parametric vіdobrazhennya then you tse)

EditProcess - programa yak Got zdatnіst proglyaduvati, modifіkuvati deyakі parametric processes in Windows 95-ME, NT, 2k, XP. Tsey product zatsіkavit not tіlki...

ClubTimer 2.2 Administration computer club

Administration of computer clubs ClubTimer 2 100 cars
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PrinterSpy - a program to monitor the printing on print

After installation, the program starts to watch the printer keeps a log of all that is printed on it. The log file gets information: date and time of printing...
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Utility logging COM-port

The tool is designed to intercept data COM-port to which you connected PBX, and then write that information to an external log file. It is assumed that the...
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Time ShutDowner (Turn off the computer in the job time) win 98 / NT / XP

The program turns off the computer time in the job. It works with win 98 / NT / XP To start select the time and start the program. The computer will be shut...
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Utility for editing processes loaded in your OS

Easy-to-use utility for editing processes have been added in your operating system. It contains detailed information about running processes, which will allow...
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Program for working with the registry, designed for the average user. Very easy to use, simply select the item you want to change and check. Changes of more...
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Security guard v 3.0 Vista powerful tool to administer Windows, is not set

Domestic security management powerful software to protect personal computers from playful hands. The program has more than 20,000 registered users Now...
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RegClean - clean registry

The program automatically detects and corrects errors in the registry. Run it at least once a month - and notice that the computer is running quicker and...
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CD & DVDeject

It ejects the disc with any data from CD drive. That is, if the disc is not empty, the program ivlechёt drive tray. You can still write discs.
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CRC will allow you to control the remote computer on a local network. Key features: Remote control of a remote computer. Working with a hard disk of a remote...
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The program allows you to control the startup of absolutely all processes that Immersed ordinary run when you start Windows. Just under the "wing" of...
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Manage Registry, its ochitska, changing configuration files

Manager of registry configuration files. It allows you to view and edit registry, preview imported reg-files (including from Windows Explorer). Provides...
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Program for fast (almost instantaneous) completed

Program for fast (almost instantaneous) shutdown hung programs and processes! Also, the program is able to complete the hidden processes. The program is full...
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The program for instant discharged NC memory applications PM unstable and hidden

The program for instant discharged NC memory applications divided into unstable and hidden We press on the icon in the system tray, open the drop-down menu...
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PingWin (Visual Ping for Windows) Network Map (PC / server / network printers) for remote administration Visual analogue command ping, in the form of a LAN...
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Hides your real IP. Easy to use.
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Tweaker program for windows xp. It speeds up the system by changing registry settings, which are calculated for each computer optimally. The program has these...

Actual Booster v.

It optimizes performance and speeds up your system without changing the priority of installation performance executable program
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Easy and quick cleaning of the register from the "junk" key on your PC!
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Collection of 17 tools

The collection, consisting of 17 tools designed to fine-tune the operating system Windows (all set under Windows XP, many of the tools are adapted and under...
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