External Report to 1C for the interest to salaries sales representatives

The program (external report) to 1C for the interest to the salary sales representatives
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Treatment for 1C: salary to create certificates for grants for the rent.

This treatment is used to obtain certificates, which shall be made in social protection, to get a grant for the rent.
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Laytik-Salary (Corse-Soft) - Payroll

Laytik-Salary (Corse-Soft) - Payroll You can try the full version with unlimited functionality before you buy it. All new versions for free! You buy...
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mak 5.0

Program for time and wages (particularly McDonald's)
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1C recalculate z /

This treatment is designed to recalculate and modify data on the payroll without losing data in configuration Complex configuration 1C for Ukraine. Processing...
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SMITH timesheet 1C Accounting 7.7

This outer plate "time sheet" is for 1C 7.7 "Accounting 4.5" (Classical) It is created from the document "Payroll" - Take into...
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SMITH timesheet 1C 7.7 USN

The outer plate "time sheet" for 1C 7.7 "Simplified taxation system 1.3" It is created from the document "Payroll" - Take into...
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Income statement for the 1C: "Salary and Personnel"

Help generates a report on the wages paid to the employee during the period of the standard form, to be submitted to the bank for loans, and fiscal authorities.
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Accounts staff to 1C 7

The report "Personal accounts of employees" for 1C: Enterprise v.7.7 COMPLEX CONFIGURATION allows you to create printing plates accounts for the...
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Report on permanent charges and deductions for 1C UT11

External printed form for the document "Report on retail sales" configuration 1C Retail 2.2 Displays those sold items for which the discount was...
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1C CALCULATION PLUS 8.2 Flexible payroll employees

Development of the "Calculation-plus" - is an external report for the configuration of "1C: Accounting Enterprise 8.2", allows the...
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External treatment for 1s8.1 SPP Print PD-tax

Processing automatically generates receipts PD-tax for payment of taxes by the end of the month.
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report - Application for leave (1c v8)

внешняя печатная форма для ЗУП (для версии с Надоело писать в ручную? просто распечататйте)) Генеральному директору Анисимовой Серафиме Юрьевне от...
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Removing et al Cove 1C Zeke set of 77 + s / n in the period

This development is intended to remove employees mistakenly places in the database, or delete data (settlement documents) institutions are not those employees...
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выгрузки данных из Зарплаты и Кадры

Программа предназначена для выгрузки данных из Зарплаты и Кадры.
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Report Card-Express

The program for the preparation and printing report cards, with preservation of the interim results in the table Excel.
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Report on staff time off hours for the period for SPP

External report for configuration "Salary and personnel management" or "Manufacturing Enterprise Management". The report shows in tabular...
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1C: Enterprise 8 Salary and Personnel Administration

1C: Enterprise 8 for wmz, wmu, wmr, sms! BASIC VERSION 1C: Enterprise 8 Salary and Personnel Management for Ukraine. The program "1C: Enterprise 8...
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Reconciliation of personal income tax (accrued and withholding) for 1S8 ZiUP

External report for 1S8.2 SPP - take into account in the context of Bids, OKATO, FL period (as the personal income tax withholding and payment) with results...
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Checkpoint-automatic time tracking

For the organization of automatic accounting of staff time enough to have a computer, bar code scanner and printer! Enter the directory of employees, they are...
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Directory Synchronization employees Zeke and Buch

Platform: 1C: Enterprise 7.7 Configurations: Salary + Staffing, Accounting, simplified system of taxation Processing allows you to update the data directory...
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