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08.12.2022 20:50:00
For now its working very good
04.12.2022 20:54:31
Fast delivery, and working perfectly
30.11.2022 17:57:17
Excellent, a lot of channels!
27.11.2022 16:30:01
thank you best seller
27.11.2022 0:43:17
Quick service, works as advertised and the seller solved my issues with installation.
25.11.2022 21:46:31
Great service!
25.11.2022 14:21:47
service reactivated in about 10 mins after payment 👍
it requires vpn to work in my case, probably becouse im on mobile internet, all in all a good service for a price.
23.11.2022 20:53:09
Work good
23.11.2022 20:24:45
Very slow and doesn´t work well
Also, I hope that the administration will ban him. He does not have the right to say how many sellers have banned me. Problems between me and the sellers are not related to him!
23.11.2022 15:04:00