08.03.2016 19:18:32
İ buy this account 2 days ago , and yesterday steam error for scammer and lock and delete / remove games my account ,
i create a steam support account create thread for unlock my steam account , and steam reply give credit card infos . i say seller and he doesnt give me so i r.i.p my money ... i just want unlock my steam account
So i lost my money and account ...

He don´t change account not yet finish 24 hours
İts my want change time
its my buy time
08.03.2016 2:36:43
От души мужик забрал себе!
06.03.2016 21:49:21
Отзывчивый продавец! Возникли некоторые проблемы, но все решили! Рекомендую
26.07.2014 18:23:08