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27.11.2020 16:28:40
27.11.2020 15:43:07
he actually deleted all the negative review he had, shame, here is the review i gave which he clearly can´t accept:

"i bought 20 games, non of the games had a steam store page so you can´t even know how much each game cost, they all don´t have a library picture they all are less than 200mb

don´t buy from him because you will get nothing worth out of it, imo you even lose money because 20 keys are 1$ and all of those games together 100% cost less

EDIT: no now he is lying, he never once talked to me asking if i got confused and i didn´t get confused, the games again all dont have a steam page, they all dont have a picture this is obviously a scam. also he is obviously using google translate to write in english.

another EDIT: fine i can prove you are lying, here is a a list of a few of the games i got, you can all guys go search for those games on steam but you will see that they all don´t got a steam page

-Machine With a Big Gun
-Real 1942
-Space Hurricane storm
-In The Fighting
if you will go and check non of those games havea steam page, achievments, community hub mostly full of 1 person posting a ton of posts, no pictures.

i know he is selling for really cheap but there are far better sellers on this site and even tho they cost more at least they provide you games with content inside of it."
that was the original review he deleted now he is also saying i was added for the blacklist, fraudster? i never asked for my money back i gave an honest review, extortionist? you don´t know the meaning of that, i never resorted to violence, flooding review? you deleted my review and all of your negative reviews, how can i not repost my review if it was infairly deleted. deal with the fact that im allowed to share my opinion about your product.
27.11.2020 15:02:47
дают одинаковые товары
27.11.2020 14:24:51
активировалось без проблем
27.11.2020 6:33:45
27.11.2020 4:15:13
Спасибо за порядочность и адекватную цену! =^_^=
27.11.2020 2:18:47
27.11.2020 1:46:09
27.11.2020 0:58:11
27.11.2020 0:19:56
Всё отлично.