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17.02.2021 10:33:52
the account works well and if there is a problem the seller responds quickly.
10.02.2021 15:51:05
Аккаунт был заменен
07.02.2021 18:54:56
все заработало
06.02.2021 22:04:51
the account have no game pass
15.01.2021 21:05:39
Хороший товар
14.12.2020 20:14:20
Do not trust this seller. Do not buy from him. He will only waste your time and after you paid he will not answer you. Do not waste your money. It is better burning your money than giving it to this person. He should be inside jail or asylum. After he got the money he will now answer and only play with you.
It is more than 3 weeks that I am requesting reactivation but he didn´t do it. It´s on the product page that we can reactivate the game once a week. So he violated the rules and he should make a refund.
07.12.2020 18:53:29
Были сложности, но продавец помог, рекомендую.
07.12.2020 17:40:07
07.12.2020 15:39:43
Спасибо, всё хороошо.
07.12.2020 13:52:51
все работает,конечно продавец долго отвечал