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26.03.2019 9:34:09
26.03.2019 2:59:25
Спасибо.. Пока работает, зашел скачиваю игру
25.03.2019 13:56:35
ty for help and support
25.03.2019 6:44:43
Аккаунт работает замечательно спасибо!
24.03.2019 18:10:43
всё норм.
24.03.2019 17:38:35
Аккаунт заменили довольно быстро, респект продавцу
24.03.2019 17:29:08
все прекрасно
24.03.2019 15:59:37
Лучший продавец. Спасибо тебе. Удачи в жизни
24.03.2019 15:27:15
Great seller with best prices! The account works as intended and it has the seasons pass. I managed to buy the account with a 15% discount because I bought Far Cry New Dawn from the seller and he gave me a loyalty code. Buy with confidence! If you have any problem with the account the seller will give you a new one as fast as possible ;)
24.03.2019 15:24:46
Great seller! The account works as intended and the cashback is really nice and you can apply on the latest games too ;) Buy with confidence! If you have any issue the seller can give you a new working account.