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26.09.2020 0:30:20
Thank you very much for the replacement of the account.
26.09.2020 0:18:01
very good
25.09.2020 23:57:27
Все получил, все ативировал, даже то, во что не играю, спасибо
P.S. Еврей
25.09.2020 21:06:09
account stoped working but seller give a replacement.

i toke 11 hours for answering but i am good :)
25.09.2020 20:58:28
25.09.2020 20:19:50
Nice place to buy stuff. Quick reply for replace accounts.(same day) I am very happy with my purchase. <3
25.09.2020 19:25:41
the first account didnt work and i was a little iffy but i got a hold of the seller and he got me a new one and it works perfect props top them i would recommend buying!
25.09.2020 15:17:01
25.09.2020 15:12:08
I had a problem with the account and they gave me another one and so far everything works correctly
25.09.2020 12:50:51
I had a problem and he solved thanks fot it