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$5 the discount is 10%
The script checks for all products from a file price.csv on their presence in the sale, as well as display all options (color, size and so on.), Dividing them into available-not.

The script works with API Ebay, as well as parsing HTML page, if necessary (only if there are additional product options, such as color, size, etc.).

After each inspection of your goods, it updates the information in the file price.csv, and also sends you an e-mail message, which displays changes in the price.

Ie for example, you have a file price.csv has 5 different products, which at the time the price list is available on Ebay, but one of them ended. After running the script to mail a letter, only this one commodity that ended, because he changed the data, and the rest remained unchanged. The file will contain all price.csv 5 products.

When referring to the script it displays the contents of price.csv in a convenient and understandable form with clickable links. After starting the upgrade price list (start operation).

It is possible to add price.csv new products directly from the script. The archive is an example file price.csv.

It supports 2 types of URL:

! For successful operation of the parser file price.csv, enough to fill only 1 field, either Item ID or a link.

If you only fill ID, the script itself will take the correct URL and all other data and update the line in the price. If you fill only URL, similar to the script itself will Item ID, add it to the price list and update to the correct URL.

!! In the case of major changes in the layout of HTML pages on goods, the script can partially start not work correctly.

!!! Change the necessary settings in the file ebay.php


17.12.2016 23:13:24
Парсер получил. Буду разбираться. Возможны по нему правки заказать?