26.04.2021 18:20:39
It works.
23.04.2021 3:50:59
i dont get any problem, my game is downloading now :) you can trust at now of this seller... edit, i but this game 2 days ago, i cannot login game, its says: "Too many computers have accessed this account´s version of DisplayName field missing from registry. recently. Please try again later." seller just say me "try again now" but not worked
19.04.2021 21:38:33
i had problem but seller helped thanx and Good luck :)
13.04.2021 12:05:47
good seller
09.04.2021 16:58:32
Всё хорошо, проблемы решают
08.04.2021 10:42:33
i paid for it but couldnt use it.i did what it said in pdf but there is nothing about origin acc and i couldnt play fifa21 in offline mode.i sent a mail about this but nobody respond it edit:seller helped me,if u have a problem text him
18.03.2021 13:20:18
Отзывчивый продавец. Оперативно решил проблемы с аккаунтом.
22.02.2021 16:03:22
15.02.2021 23:52:37
Best Seller
30.01.2021 15:49:04
I downloaded the fifa 21 game with the account I purchased, but then it requested origin verification code. I tried to contact the seller on this issue, but I have not been able to communicate with him for 3 days. Edit : the seller helped with the necessary matters