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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 2%
$100 the discount is 3%
$300 the discount is 4%
$500 the discount is 5%
After payment, you will automatically receive a XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE 3 month (RENEW) VPN key to the specified Email

If you want to upgrade to Gold, then before that you had to have Gold activated on a profile with the Turkish region in Microsoft , keep this in mind if you want to make 12 3 Ultimate

To activate in the Russian Federation, you need a VPN: Turkey. After activation - VPN is not needed!

From 06/09/2022, you need to change the region on your account at the time of activation. Change the region to Turkey - enable vpn - activate the key - disable vpn - change the region back to Russia. The total number of affected goods is unknown.

The code can be activated where XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE is currently available to renew. (Subscription must be in the same region - Turkey, in which you want to renew)


Instructions for activation from the phone:
1. Download Urban Vpn
2. Launch it, select browser and download from Turkey
3. Go to
4. Sign in to your account
5. Enter the key, activate and download the game and finally enjoy the game)))
-Each key is bought for honestly earned money and have 100% reliability.
- The key is not returned for reasons of "did not fit", "I can not activate" or "did not read the description" is NOT performed.
- The seller offers ways to activate through free VPN applications, but is not responsible for the operation of the software.
-The seller will always assist in the activation of the key on your own account to your account at any time of the day except the night.
- successful purchases to you


25.06.2022 17:50:38
Ключ получил моментально, торговец проверенный, если надо может и помочь !!!
23.06.2022 19:36:31
Все прошло отлично, активировал через ВПН без проблем
22.06.2022 18:48:24
Все работает. Ввёл ключ, все активировалось и продлилось без проблем. Заказываю не в первый раз тут, все ок
22.06.2022 1:17:22
Все работает отлично, рекомендую!
21.06.2022 12:02:17
Все работает отлично. Спасибо!