Spurs of the Higher Polytechnic matematike.Provereno on students.

This offer is perfect for beginning students. As everyone knows, there are two ways to study. Can you honestly sit in lectures until the evening and record...
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Algebra in the pocket

Cheat sheet includes formulas in trigonometry, logarithms and progressions. formulas that are much easier solution examples.
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SUPER Spurs in mathematics (all formulas that exist in mathematics in high school!)

В архиве *.zip содержится 2 *.doc файла, которые готовы для напечатания в виде шпаргалки
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Extended table of values \u200b\u200bof trigonometric f

The PDF file contains an expanded table of values \u200b\u200bof trigonometric functions in the corners of the first quarter. Unlike known tables V.M.Bradisa...
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Reshebnik CRP on the Common Examination for the first simestr 2004

Reshebnik CRP on the Common Examination for the first simestr 2004

Fundamentals of combinatorics

Небольшое пособие по основам комбинаторики. Архив zip. Формат doc.
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Spurs on higher mathematics (dif. Equations and series)

Spurs on higher mathematics (dif. Equations and series) check for yourself, all in a convenient form, certain formulas of the inserted picture. + To the entire...
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Formula math (spur)

Topics formulas: a linear algebra (matrices, determinants) + solutions to -trigonometriya -limit -integrals (+ ways to solve) -formula abridged...
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This book is designed for initial acquaintance with mate¬maticheskoy theory of quantum computing. For the convenience of the reader at first given a brief...
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Unique crib in mathematics - the whole school course in one page A4

Absolutely unique crib in mathematics for the entire school course! Only one page of A4 with special separators allowing painless to cut the desired spur the...
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Элементарная теория вероятности (часть 2), Л.Я. Савельев

Вторая часть книги содержит задачи с решениями. Здесь повторяются основные определения и формулы. Это позволяет при желании читать вторую часть независимо от...
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Elementary probability theory (part 1), LJ Savelyev

The first part of the book deals with the theory. It is first described in detail the numerous probability spaces. To read it, it is enough to be able to...
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Radically elementary probability theory (E. Nelson)

1987 In this book, a prominent American mathematician proposed a fundamentally new approach to both the presentation of the basics and advanced topics in...
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solution of differential expression

raschёtka math surrendered in Polytech (Tula) 5 190.Nayti general solution of differential expression xy` + y = xsinx | \u200b\u200b∙ => y` + = sinx 191...
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MATLAB in the engineering and scientific calculations Dashchenko Kirillov.

monograph is devoted to illustrate the possibilities of one of the most effective systems of computer mathematics MATLAB in solving a number of scientific and...
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Differential calculus of functions of one variable

The book contains a complete course of differential calculus of functions of one variable. The book contain all the information issued by first-year students...
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Matrix. Matrix calculus.

This policy tool, you'll find everything you wanted to know about matrices. In many books on linear algebra silent about the existence of the beneficial...
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Toolkit Mathematics (correspondence school, competitions) ----- sm.eschё

The manual sets out the theoretical material and considered the most typical examples of solving problems related to the basic concepts and statements of...
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Higher Mathematics

By purchasing a product, you get a link to download the book I.V.Bolshakova Higher Mathematics Study Edition Catalysts are currently placed publication...
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Partial differential equations

Уравнения в частных производных. полный курс лекций по УЧП. Рекомендую как методичку. Кратно и понятно все расписано. 77 страниц.
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The numerical, functional, power series and their convergence.

Subject: Mathematical analysis. Lectures on the theory of series. It is written in accessible language. Many examples with resheniyami.Vsem recommend!

Homework geometry Atanasyan 10 cl.

Homework geometry Atanasyan 10 cl. (In PDF)
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