Чертеж подводной лодки С-7

Чертеж дизельной подводной лодки С-7 (ВОВ) Включает в себя теоретический чертеж корабля, корпуса, рубки, палубных орудий. Достаточно для создания модели лодки...
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Collision of ships

Collision of ships, their causes and prevention. Author: AB Yudovich The book gives an analysis of collisions that occurred during the decade; It shows how...
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The construction of models of ships in the XVI-XVII century. R. Hokkel

The book is devoted to modeling vessels XVI-XVII centuries., T. E. The time when the art of construction of sailing ships reached perfection. This applies...
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APPLICATION OF EXCLUSION variable parameters

Portnyagin NN, GA Pyukke Application of the exception varied parameter in solving problems of diagnosis. - M .: Publishing House "Academy Natural...

Drawings for the assembly of an ancient sailing vessel.

Your attention perdlagaetsya set of drawings, patterns for assembling paper model of an old galleon. "Black Pearl" - the legendary ship of Captain...
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Boat models made of cardboard

В книге описывается технология постройки моделей судов из картона и бумаги.
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Directory sudomodelistov, p3

This handbook contains information about sailing ships (history, drawings), as well as about how to make models of sailing ships.
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A Brief History of Russian Navy

Republished Naval Publishing "A Brief History of Russian Navy" written by the author F. Veselago almost 115 years ago and was first published in...
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Loading / Discharging of Heavy lifts with Ship's Cranes

Manual loading heavyweights ship cranes. Described in detail the procedure of loading / unloading: the forces and moments acting on the ship, guidance on...
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Underwater saboteurs

"Вдохновленный результатами испытаний «Жимнот», Густав Зедэ споектировал большую подводную лодку с электрическим двигателем. Он назвал ее «Сирена», однако...
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Чертежи корабля Mercury

Чертежи корабля Mercury
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Boat made of wood and plywood. A Practical Guide.

Learn how to build your own small boat classic design and a half weeks, and less than 5,000 rubles, which is quite possible to put a small outboard motor. In...
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Drawing sailboat 12 Apostles

Чертеж парусника "12 Апостолов"
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Drawing sailboat "Peace"

Чертеж парусника "Мирный"
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Drawing sailboat St. Paul

Drawing sailboat "St. Paul"
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Drawing sailboat Hannah

Чертеж парусника "Hannah"
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For seafarers! List of ship owners of offshore companies.

List of offshore companies and crewing agencies for job seekers on ships oil and gas industry. More than 400 addresses of companies. Tips for writing a resume.
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Maintenance and repair of regulators Woodward

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